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Thread: Advanced Level 10 NPC Guide

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    Default Advanced Level 10 NPC Guide CHAPTER

    Chapter XI: Reserved Space #II

    Just for fun, one of my friends did a battle with a level 1 hero. I am not saying you to attempt this,

    But if you send just the right amount.... with a level 1 hero... your results could come out like this:

    Please do not layer like how i did (i was prestige farming) but here is an example of how to win a michs script.

    Age II Stuff

    Scout on a level 12, 14, 16, and 18 Age II historic city (supported by DC)..


    Barbarian cities are not the same as "NPC's", as they were known in Age I. NPC's still exist, with the same levels and contents. Barbarian Cities represent a greater challenge for players to attack, and presumably conquer. At least two levels of Barbarian Cities exist, with the larger containing 10x the troops and fortifications. Barbarian Cities are featured in Quests, and often contain Legendary Heroes. The following is an example of the largest form of Barbarian City discovered to date:

    Resource fields are known to be level 12 in the larger Barbarian City. More information will be included in this guide, once collected/confirmed.

    Age2 is a bit more difficult to attack lv.10s than Age1. Your heroes are not as powerful unless they are historical heroes.
    I noticed that even with 170+ att heroes I suffer from larger losses than Age1.

    I used 7 cities to long distance hit a lv.10
    6 cities had 9 heroes with att of at least 65, and 10k warr each.
    main attack city (using best heroes of 160+ Att each) sent the following armies:
    2 clearer waves of 7k warriors to weaken city defences.
    120k archer wave plus 1k pike, sword, warr, scout and worker
    50k archer wave with 20k warr and 100 pike /sword
    20k archer and 10k warr with 100 pike/sword x5

    I removed the mount from ALL heroes before hand as Age2 is bugged. RP does not take into account the speed increase of the mount.

    USed warhorn and corselet.

    Out of interest I used same formula except used 95k archers instead of 120k and lost 29k archers instead of 7k archers. So the War Ensign is handy.

    took the cities in 3 minutes. You must check the times it takes to reach your target beforehand and write them down, number the cities in order of distance so you can quickly jump to the CORRECT one.

    Go to the FURTHEST city and start the attack there, if its not the city with your main army then time it to hit 1 minute AFTER your main army plans to hit.

    Then go to each of your cities and camp time it to hit at the correct time.
    you need to hit 37 to 40 waves at least to capture the city, but its advised to use more waves in case loyalty does not drop exactly as you hoped.
    I miscalculated before and used 6k warr waves and I ran out of waves at loyalty 3. Nasty. So 10k is best.

    Quote Originally Posted by dekkon View Post
    when you get your hero up to 250 (maybe a little lower) and higher you might want to consider using..

    1k warrior
    5k scout
    92k arch
    1850 port

    losses are ...
    all warriors
    about half of the scouts... sometimes more
    anywhere from high 3k to low 6k arch usually in the 4 to 5k range

    am on s5 ss36 and 145 my main heros are in the 300 to 350 attack range and all get pretty much the same results
    Level 10 NPC Barbarian Guide
    Made by WN1 Hit
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    Chapter XII: Reserved Space #III

    This is the END of the Advanced Level 10 NPC Guide. Thanks for Reading.

    Level 10 NPC Barbarian Guide
    Made by WN1 Hit
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    Default + Rep

    + Rep is important, it shows that you have a Reputation. In todays world Reputation is all we have.

    You have a very in depth guide, and it has helped me more than you can ever know. It has helped me to understand how to play this game that i have been addicted to for the past few months. It has showed me The True Way.

    Now I have a problem... How do I +REP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WN1 Hit View Post
    NEEDS REVISING!!!!!!!!!!
    what is this i cant even read. NO offense Wn1
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    You should notice that it says NEEDS REVISING... people nowdays without common sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WN1 Hit View Post
    Can anyone supply me with a scout report of the new level 10 NPCs just like this:

    For my NPC guide here:

    I will put your names in the credits list if you help me out. Thanks.

    Like it said there... i need help.

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    Added Information

    They were meant to be scout reports of the NPC.
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    I love the guide, its just that its a bit hard to read lol..

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    Quote Originally Posted by acer5200 View Post
    I love the guide, its just that its a bit hard to read lol..
    Lol i dont recommend this guide because it is not finished. I recommend my first guide: because it is finished.

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    yeah this guide will be finished soon i bet while nice gide still


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