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Thread: Medal Strategy and rose medals for promotion.

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    yea how is that going to work when all change?

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    What strategy? Is there actually a medal system. The only system is wheel of fortune and that is rare. Buying them is only strategy. Medal system is a joke. I Have been attacking for days I have won nothing but honor and prestige as well as killing many enemy and some losses.

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    do you have to capture the vally?

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    @ Ban-Kai - You use the attack command to attack it, scouting will not get you medals.

    @ Chula - It has changed, it may change again however in the near future, if it does then other guides will probably be released.

    @ (FFS Not spelling that.) hawk avatar - This is just a guide on how best to farm to get medals, the drop rate is seriously decreased, so you will need to hit a lot of valleys to get a single medal.

    @ Andy1911 - No, as long as you win the battle. This can only occur if you have maxed your valley count (dependent on your main building.) if you do capture the valley and want to continue attacking it, recall your troops then abandon it, and re-attack it.

    (I used this technique, it is very slow and very tedious, but it will eventually get somewhere.)

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    can you get a medal from an undefended valley?

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    hey, iv done this 20 times and still not got any medal, its a level 1 swamp like you said and this is a screenshot of what i keep getting:


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    I am not having much issues with medals. 3 medals out of 4 attacks.

    From lvl 7 Barbarian city.

    And this from a level 6 swamp

    I also attacked a lvl 4 swamp, but received no medal.

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    @ BradleyFLA - Keep attacking, are you sending the scouts with you? Because it doesn't look like you are from the screen shot. It takes a long damn time to actually "break" the streak of no medals but you just gotta keep attacking and they will come quickly.

    Other questions

    On undefended valley's - I haven't gotten any medals from undefended valleys.

    Like Dray D said - Attack abandon attack again. By using the scouts on ATTACK you can get it done quickly and effectively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uzor View Post
    don't have to use 1500 scouts...

    1) Send 2 normal attacks against the swamp to take out defenses
    2) Spam 1 scout at a time to attack (with several heroes, so however many you can)
    3) ???
    4) Profit!

    I spammed the swamp for 30 min without any losses, then I got bored.
    Wut? Valleys respawn instantly, the scout would just die.

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    Here's how I got to baronette in a couple hours:

    2 heroes from both of my cities aimed at a level 1 flat, and a level 2 flat. I would send the 4 heroes leading their own troops to attack either the level 1 flat or the level 2 flat depending on which city they were leaving from.

    Essentially it'd go like this:
    Attack x, attack x, attack y, attack y, abandon x, abandon x, abandon y, abandon y, repeat


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