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Thread: Medal Strategy and rose medals for promotion.

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    lol..why abandon??
    common..wat u should do is capture for valley 1st..
    and than u can scout spam fest as no tmr without needing to recall,abandon etc..
    rose medal is the easiest medal..i already have more than 20+ rose medal..

    now all i need is honor medal which i still ahvent get any...
    be patient..u will eventually get it..
    i just attack around 30 to 40 times aday..and i can get 5 to 8 medals (slow but hey its rather fun than clicking the attack button every 1 minutes)...
    send as many wave to as many valley in ur area...

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    For first time I have more honor medal than I would probably need(unless I acquire couple of MA scripts). Any clues on to winning courage medals?

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    OR attack the Closest swamp near you with small armies of archers... less spam rate but zero losses... also requires a good number of heroes... but if you get a bunch of level 1 heroes for scout spamming in multiple groups then why not use archers.
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    So, I've been doing it and nothing has happened. I'm assuming I have to have losses everytime. And so far I've only had losses twice, with no medals. How long does it take for the swamp to regenerate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uzor View Post
    don't have to use 1500 scouts...

    1) Send 2 normal attacks against the swamp to take out defenses
    2) Spam 1 scout at a time to attack (with several heroes, so however many you can)
    3) ???
    4) Profit!

    I spammed the swamp for 30 min without any losses, then I got bored.
    you don't get any medals if they don't have defenses, smarty, if you do, then take a screeny of it and show me, and have proof that it is post-beta

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    I assume that you must already heve occupied the max number of valleys allowed by your Town Hall as you cannot attack a valley you have conquered and attacking a valley you have not conquered results in it being conquered. I have been attacked the same swamp repeatedly. I received 2 rose medals and 1 lion medal, but after 10+ attacks the swamp went dead. By this I mean that no troops are regenerating and therefore the subsequent attacks are fruitless. I tried again on another swamp with the same results only 1 rose medal received. I then tried on a lake with the same results with only 2 medals received. My Town Hall is at level 4. Is there a specific Town Hall level that this works at? You get zero credit when attacking a valley with no troops because there is no fight. I assume that if there is no fight, you cannot receive a medal. Must I wait for the troops to regenerate? I've been waiting for the initial swamp to regenerate for over an hour now. I have followed the steps mentioned very closely. Is it possible some aspect of the method was left out?
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    Sorry, this was an accidental duplicate post.
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    Default scout thing does work...

    I am finally promoted because of the 1500 scout attack trick. I have a effective would scouts be if I sent them to a level 4 valley (more than 1500 of course) I did this at level 3 and it worked never losing more than 100 scouts which I can deal with, what do you think? btw I did try this and lost 220 scouts (sending1500)
    I guess if you don't mind high casualties it does work. I got a medal out of it.
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    Its a waste of food consumption for the scouts.

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    Then scout spamming is back again?


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