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Thread: how can you grow army farming lvl 10's???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immortal Empire View Post
    In conclusion, I guess you can't "grow an army" by farming lvl 10's. You have to build army in other ways, and use the 10's to level hero, and gather food(if needed)
    You are still "compartmentalizing" stuff, and you math is dam sloppy. You can't brush off the extra 16 million food and say it's reserved for future use (that is a value right there) ... at least it's worth gold which in turn can be used to buy wood / iron.

    Granted, Farming NPC5's is more *efficient* resource wise as farming 3 NPC5's is more resources then farming 1 NPC10, not counting food or XP as well as counting your "non-losses" as resource gains.

    So the limiting factor is time. There are only X hours in a day, and you can only have Y farm teams out at a time. Sooner of later, Farming NPC10's are a net gain cause you have maxed out what you can bring in with NPC5's.

    Also consider the food intake, getting 19mil a shot assures you that you don't need to have any "farms" in your cities. That right there is worth "resources" ... even if your not selling the extra food.

    So in the end, farming NPC10's does grow your army, just not directly due to the lumber / iron your loot from the city ... but due to the entire package.

    Edit: Forgot to re-enforce the value of XP as it will help you create more resources and build armies faster. (Yes, make sure you send your mayor often so that your cities produce more resources).
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