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Thread: Farming lvl 5 npc's without losses

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    Exclamation Farming lvl 5 npc's without losses

    If want to farm a lvl 5 npc this is how its most efficently done:

    FIRST--To farm with no losses you need: 450-500 ballista and 400 transporters
    If u send 10,000 warriors with this you can get 1,000 prestige everytime.
    Altough this will cost lumber to build them i recomend this to players who have 150k prestige or 100k prestige because you will need 1,000,000 lumber 800,000 food and 500,000 iron.

    SECONED--Once you farm the npc u get 3mill food and with that I would recommend selling in the market 1mill of that and getting at least 12mill gold and buy 1mill lumber and use that for whatever you need to do.

    THIRD--This for more experienced players. If you want to take the city as your own you will need to rainbow 200 calvery and 1k warriors every 2 minutes because the defenses will regererate after that. Hit three times with 500 ballista no losses and wipe out deffenses and attack and attack and with in 80-100 attacks you will have yourself a brand new city with everything already at lvl 5.

    This is a battle report that I did with lvl 10 archery and what i said up above A lvl 5 npc.


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    First timers, raiding
    the npc?

    Just 600 ballistas
    and trans right>?

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    Exclamation yep

    if you have lvl 7 archery you can use what i said with no losses

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    So...level 7 archery and level 6 hbr with MT at L5...would 500 balista and 400 trans work?
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    Wow, Noobs really should not write guides ... especially when they really don't understand what is going on.

    Arch / Hbr levels determine if you get losses. The mechanics of how far out your Balista's can fire (Arch) and how fast they are moved forward after a round (Hbr). Safe combos' are: Arch/Hbr: 8/5, 8/6, 9/8, 9/9, 10/8, 10/9, 10/10 (there could be more 10/X).

    The number of Ballista's needed is based upon your MT and your Hero's ATK level. As these start to max out, you need less Balista's ... 325 or less.

    So they fire, move forward, fire move forward, etc, etc. You have to have enough ballistas that everything is dead before you get into range. If you have too few or they are too weak, they get into range before everything that can kill them is dead.

    Watch your rounds. I think the magic number is 62 or 72 (can't recall off my head). If your killing everything in 40 rounds, your sending way more balista's then you need ... ergo: you can cut back on the number of Ballista's your sending.

    Keep in mind, dumb heros (Intel sub 50) tend to be stupid and tend to get 1-5 balista's killed off in battle. If your Hero is rock dumb, you will need more Balista to compensate.

    Replace your Rock Dumb heros as fast as you can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Side View Post
    Wow, Noobs really should not write guides ... especially when they really don't understand what is going on.
    He speaks the truth

    There are already several much better npc farming guides out there, that go into more detail, and will give you better results. I recommend searching for them.
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    magic number for 8/5 is 75 rounds (a few times 77 with no loss, but recorded loss at 76)

    a nice set to remember;

    - Hero 100 attack (intel of NO matter - only if you need to defend, but you wont against npc lvl 5 with right combos)
    - Warhorn
    - mil trad 7 or higher
    - 300 balls is enough if you got 8/5, 8/6, 9/8 and so on (perfect combos)
    (no warhorn, add 20 % balls)

    Lvl 10 arch - any hbr goes, even 0 (new towns build with lvl 5 only academy)

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    This thread has all the relevant info and should be referred to for any info you need.


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