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    hey everyone, I am new here, and im am astonished to see that there is no 3 word story on the site. Or maybe there is on another thread, or it got deleted or its in another topic and im a noob, if so just say and its gone.

    But if not and this is the 3 word story woo.
    For all that dont know how it goes, each user says 3 words that continue on from the post above. Example I post- Maximus drew his
    and then a guy name bob then posts- giant blue banana
    and then a girl named sue posts- and then swung
    got it?

    Lets try to keep the story flowing so no, "he then died".
    alrighty any questions just post, and again if this has been posted somewhere else, sorry
    BTW it can be random, so dogs can speak and...apples...can

    Ok ill shall start-

    One day John

    ^Thanks SweetP^
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    Closed, wrong forum
    Look for Heights in the RPG and story section


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