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Thread: Attacking a LVL 10 NPC

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    Default Attacking a LVL 10 NPC

    Does anyone know what the best way to attack a lVl 10 NPC is coz I just attacked one and lost 55 k archers. My host says he attacks one and only looses 4 k archers but i just don't see what I did wrong. Can anybody help me so I know what I need to aim for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fastrack23 View Post
    Does anyone know what the best way to attack a lVl 10 NPC is coz I just attacked one and lost 55 k archers. My host says he attacks one and only looses 4 k archers but i just don't see what I did wrong. Can anybody help me so I know what I need to aim for?
    To conquer a Level 10 NPC city (aka barbarian fort), first look around the map for a level 10 flat or a level 10 NPC city. The closer your city is to the level 10 flat or NPC, the easier it is to conquer.

    NPC cities regenerate 3 loyalty every 6 minutes. An attack with archers from 1 mile away would normally take 2-3 minutes.

    Using 1 hero, it would take 6 minute round trip therefore not actually be able to take down the loyalty.

    Using 2 heroes, 6 minute round trips, -3 loyalty per 6 minutes, 42/3 = 14 attack until its at 50 loyalty, and then 50/2= 25 attacks till you conquer it. Conquer time: 39 x 6 minutes = 234 minutes

    Using 3 heros, 6 minute round trips, -6 loyalty per 6 minutes, 42/6 = 7 attacks until its at 50 loyalty, and then 50/4 = 13 attacks till you conquer it. Conquer time: 20 x 6 minute = 60 minutes

    Lets take distance into account, there is this shiny looking lvl10 Barbarian 10miles away. From memory 10 miles would be around 50 minutes round trip for archers. For sake of this explaination lets say it takes 60 minutes.

    The barbarian city would regen 30 loyalty in the 60 minutes time frame, so you would have to send 11 attacks in order to actually take down 3 loyalty per hour.

    Also in that 60 minutes time frame it would have gotten back 60% of the troops back meaning if you are doing long range conquers, it would be best if you spread your marches apart instead of having them attack in one bulk.

    Know Your Barbarian City

    Army size

    Archer Only method recommended: 300,000 archers. Minimum: 250,000 archers. What i used: 270,000 archers

    Pros: Speedy conquer, low tech requirements. Cons: More troop casualties then other methods.

    Ballista + Archer method Recommended: 34,000 Ballistas, 150,000 archers Minimum: 24,000 Ballistas, 150,000 archers

    Pros: Speedy Capture, small troop casualties Cons: Moderate tech requirements

    Ballista Only Method Recommended: 40,000 Ballistas Minimum: 30,000 Ballistas

    Pros: No troops losses Cons: Very slow conquer, high tech requirements

    (*Include various other units like 1 pike and warrior for layering purposes, search forums for darwins maneuver for more info*)


    You will need 4 to 10 heroes with 100+ attack, depending how fast you want to conquer the lvl10 Barb city. if your a sadist like me and enjoy a slow torture you can conquer it with 3.

    The higher the attack of the hero, the less troops you have to send.
    Your town

    Find yourself a flat preferably 1-2miles near your desired lvl10, or if you just happen to have a lvl10 barbarian in your backyard then your in luck.

    Within the town, you will need these essential buildings, Recommended: lvl8 feasting hall, lvl10 rally point, lvl 6 academy Minimum: lvl5 feasting hall, lvl5 rally point, lvl6 academy

    Spare town Make sure you have a spare town slot.
    Technology and research

    I wouldn't recommend trying to conquer a level10 if you've only broken +5 research on Iron Working ( Armor ), Medicine ( Health ) and Military Tradition ( Attack ).

    Recommended: +10 research Minimum: +6 research


    This method is the recommended amount, it is not the minimum amount you can use but i would recommend you use these numbers if it is your first try. it is for people who are starting to muster up troops and want less casualties.
    So by now you should have a town built near a lvl10, in that town you should have a lvl10 rally spot, a lvl8 feasting hall, and a lvl6 academy. Your troop attack, defense and health research upgrades are around lvl8-9.

    Ok requirements aside, lets get down to conquering that juicy lvl10 you had your eyes on ever since your scout report came back with 37 lvl10 farms.

    Make sure you have food and gold... last thing you need is for your heroes and troops to run away...

    First wave of attack

    Spearhead of the attack consists of either: 99,995 archers with layers, or 34k ballistas with layers.

    These two troop numbers i've tested that can successfully break the 400,000 warriors and defenses the Barbarian city has.

    Using the Ballistas you can have to as low as 24,000 Balliastas on your spearhead wave.

    depending on your technology, you will take losses but no worries that's why we bought spare troops right?

    Following waves

    Along with the first wave, rest of your 5-9 attacks depending on your feasting hall, should follow closely with the first, a few seconds apart. your marches should look something like this. hero1, 2min 30 hero2, 2min 34 hero3, 2min 36 etc These waves, consists of mainly archers with layers, i recommend using 25,000 archers + 1pike +swords per hero.

    Note: use Pikemen and Swordmen to layer, because they have relatively the same marching speed, therefore they don't slow your archers down, and they are there for prevent any short comings, i have recommended using 25,000 archers per wave, which is enough to take out the 6 minute troop respawn the Barbarian city has.
    Losses: you will take around 500 - 2,000 archers per wave depending on how good your tech is.

    Barbarian lvl10 regens 3 loyalty and 10% troops per 6 minutes. It's loyalty starts at 92, it loses 3 loyalty per attack, until 50 loyalty or so, then it starts to lose 2 per attack.

    So expect an hour or more.

    Don't attempt to try this around server maintenance, unless you want a tragic end.
    "Only the dead have seen the end of war." ~Plato
    You never monkey with the truth.
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    you should know how many troops the npc has then send your own troops in numbers and type according to your info.

    They Have / you send

    Calvalry / Pikemen + Cataphracts

    Swordsmen / Archers + Calvalry/Cataqphracts

    Pikemen / Archers + Swordsmen

    Archers / Swordsmen + Calvalry/Cataphracts

    Cataphracts / Pikemen on a 3:1 ratio

    Warriors / does not matter

    Workers / does not matter

    Catapults / Ballista

    Ballista / Ballista on 2:1 ratio

    Battering Ram / Ballista

    high level walls / Catapults and Battering rams

    do NOT send scouts, workers or warriors because they have not combat ability. Unless you have like 100k warriors then you should keep them in case of a failure you have a defense.

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    I didn't really explain I should have stated I don't want to conquer a Level 10 NPC I just want to plunder one. Okay that helps a lot. I know where I went wrong I sent 87500 Archers and 2500 Trans. There are 3666 Archer Towers and 40000 warriors. I'm not too good at Ratios is there any chance u could again break down what I need to send if its not too much trouble please.

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    Also my hero is 126 Attack level 75. I just lost a considerable amount of troops again 80000 actually and they were all different as well. Can someone tell me exactly what I need to send and i'll aim for that coz i'm getting it wrong and don't know why. I was told i'd only lose 4 k archers. If u need to know what my stats are I can name them.

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    Just make sure your attack hero is over 150 attack or so. Scout and re-scout the npc until you find a very low level hero inside. with level 10 rally spot, send 1 worker, 1 warrior, 1 scout, 1pike, 1 sword, 1 cav, 1 cataphract, 1843 trans and 98,150 archers. The trans amount is only if you have lvl 10 logistics and the lvl 10 npc is within 7 miles of your city. If not, add more trans and reduce archer numbers to balance it out. This is a standard setup for lvl 10 npc hits. i average 7k-8k archer losses (my hero is 302 attack though, you may lose about 10k-11k). Good luck.


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    Thank you that helps a lot. Thats why i'm losing so much my hero attack is too low. Its 126 and u need 150 by the looks. I think you yourself could get less loss than this as your hero attack is so high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fastrack23 View Post
    Does anyone know what the best way to attack a lVl 10 NPC is coz I just attacked one and lost 55 k archers. My host says he attacks one and only looses 4 k archers but i just don't see what I did wrong. Can anybody help me so I know what I need to aim for?
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    I already looked at that. I told u i'm really not too bright. I just wanted to know what was the best to send at the min loss. Coz I was told u can get away with 4 k archer loss but when I did it i had 55 k archer loss but i'm thinking that was coz of my hero attack only being 126. Reading above tho Ace has a hero attack of 302 and he looses 8 k so I still don't know what is the best to send for me with the least loss if I knew I would build that and send that. I do now know that now that i need to get my hero attack to 150. Do u know the best to send?

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    Try my strategy:


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