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Thread: System Denys You Login For the moment

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    Default System Denys You Login For the moment


    Is anyone else getting this message? "System Denys Your Login For The Moment"? What is going on? Why cant I log In?


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    you got banned for botting even if you are not.
    A man suffer is another lulz.

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    Default Crazy

    That is crazy!

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    I got the same message. I have never used a bot. I don't even know how to use one. I have seen discussions on them tho. After 20 members in my alliance took down one player's city we found over 2-1/2 billion food and 3 million troops in the city. This player has never been suspended. I play 10-12 hrs. per day and can barely keep up with 250k troops. If Evony does not have the courtesy to explain why I am being suspended and offer some proof for some presumed violation then screw them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kendeuce View Post
    I am gettting the same message? is there a way to fix this? i have sent them an email but no response yet? dont even know how to use a bot.?
    There is no way to fix this or defend yourself. I'm in the same boat as you and I've seen it before on other servers....the reason for getting flagged for botting (imo) is you attacked someone and you are so much better than you that they decided to report you for using a bot. (and possibly others in there alliance reporting you also??) Evony then with no proof puts you on holiday for 3 days.

    Evony clearly is not a democracy it's a dictatorship. That was ironicly started by a group of people that use to sell gold on WOW (which is against their terms)

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    il I got from evony. I never have bought anything from them.


    Access to this account has been temporarily disabled due to a payment issue. We would appreciate it if you could contact PayPal/Moneybookers or the credit card issuing bank to reauthorize this payment if you are the legitimate account/card holder, or have his/her authorization to make this purchase with EVONY.

    We appreciate your cooperation as we together attempt to resolve this issue. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may experience and will reactive your Evony account as soon as your payment's review is complete. Please be aware that we will be unable to provide any additional information regarding this matter until the conclusion of the investigation.

    If you would like to place a further enquiry about this Evony account, please send us a new ticket to <> .

    Thank you again for your time and patience in this matter. It is appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    Account Administration

    The Evony Team.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not respond to this email. Any email sent as a response to this message will not reach us. Should you have another question or would like to send us additional information, please contact us by emailing <> .

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    I'm getting it too, I sent an e-mail to a goof last night telling him he was an idiot because he attacked me and the res he got didn't even cover his losses.

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    There you go girls and boys =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karley View Post

    There you go girls and boys =)
    It's funny that FoxyBunny locked the topic immediately after posting it thus preventing anyone from questioning the rules or pointing out the flaws. I am one of the people recently locked out of the game but have never used a bot, script, cheat, or other such non-sense. I have a job that affords me the luxury of being able to stay logged in for the majority of the day so I can only assume that this is the reason I was banned from the game. I have to assume this since I wasn't given the courtesy of an email explaining why it happened, and yes I checked my junk folder, nor have I been given any way to obtain such information.

    The Terms of Use for the game are a JOKE. I will tell you that the operators of this game could care less about any of the rules other then the ones that get in the way of them milking players for more money. I have reported tons of players for having profanity in their city/player names and/or making violent threats but not one of them has been forced to change the name, been banned, or removed from the game. Now if someone goes to them and say "I really think player so-in-so is using a bot" because said player is bigger then everyone else or defeating them then you get banned on the spot. Seems everyone is guilty before being proven innocent...but then again we are dealing with a company based in China so they tend not to grasp the concepts of "fair" or "just" and deal more with corruption and control.

    I've put good money into this game and this is the way I am treated? I refuse to stand idle while be accused of wrong doing without proof. I still think the game is fun, which I don't see being the case for much longer if it continues to be managed the way it is, and I can only hope for the sake of all who have spent good money on it that things improve.

    P.S. Hopefully I don't get banned for speaking my mind....<shrug>

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    This is asinine you can be in the same server as a family member and the same alliance but you can't help the? what's the point of being in the same alliance then? And I can understand not being able to have multiple account (especially for the people that spam new accounts) But if you have a "home and work" account there is NO way that they can tell (ie not on the same IP)

    6) Having more than one account on a single computer/network/IP unless you follow these rules:
    -We do allow family members and others to share a connection. However, you must notify Evony that you have multiple people on a network and state who they are and which server they play on.
    -Players on the same network may not share resources. You cannot feed your wife's army. Sorry.
    -Players on the same network may not join military forces. You can't attack the same target.
    -Players on the same network are welcome to join the same alliance and chat with each other. They may be online at the same time, or share a computer. So long as the above rules are followed, you won't get suspended/banned for multi-accounting.


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