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    Early this morning we enacted our second enforcement sweep in the past week. Both of these sweeps targeted players who were using illegal third party software to gain an unfair advantage over players who play the game without cheating.

    All players targeted by these sweeps were using illegal third-party software or websites to connect to Evony. No players were suspended for any other reason.

    We are committed to protecting our honest players and we will continue to aggressively pursue and remove rule-breakers from the game. Thank you for playing Evony! See you on the battlefield!
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    We are continuing our sweeps of third party software, and suspending or banning perpetrators.

    Included in these bans are players who were using "macros" or other programs to control the game for them. We are committed to stopping ALL forms of exploiting and we will be extremely vigorous and aggressive in targeting every possible method that allows players to gain an unfair advantage.

    This is part of our continuing commitment to protect players who follow the rules.
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