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Thread: Forum Ranks: Mods, Senior Mods, Reps and Admins

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    Default Forum Ranks: Mods, Senior Mods, Reps and Admins

    Many players seem confused about what each rank of forum leader does and what that person's position is within the company. This thread will briefly explain each forum rank.


    These users are volunteers who's job is to help enforce the forum rules. They are responsible for the majority of rules enforcement, including closing threads, issuing infractions and helping keep the forums free from spam and other disruptions.

    These players have no authority or ability to help with any in-game issues and should only be contacted for matters related to their duties on the forum.

    Senior Moderator

    These users are senior moderators, who are also volunteers tasked with enforcing the forum rules. Senior moderators are generally very experienced on the forums, and unlike regular moderators, they are able to moderate any forum.

    Senior moderators have no supervisory role, and moderator complaints should be brought to Representatives.


    Evony Representatives are paid Evony staff, whose job is to oversee the forum moderators and address any issue which impacts players, in-game or on the forums.

    Evony Reps also work alongside moderators to make sure forum users follow the rules and to promote a positive and constructive forum environment.

    Reps are responsible for bringing player feedback and concerns to the rest of the Evony Team, as well as delivery information from the team back to the players, usually through forum posts. In addition, Reps help deal with individual in-game issues which may impact a player.


    Administrators are Evony Team members who post on the forums but have no assigned forum duties. Instead, they post to communicate directly with players, gather information and occasionally help enforce forum rules.

    Administrators do not deal with individual player issues. Those issues should be brought to a Representative. Instead, administrators are concerned with ensuring the game and forums run as smoothly as possible.
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