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Thread: Evony PLEASE post a status update on the SS merge

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    Logged on to SS10. Got all of my valleys and destroyed quite alot of cities. haha

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    Default c'mon!!!!

    does anyone know if ss 13 is on yet???

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    ss12 i am in

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    Quote Originally Posted by FightsNTheShade View Post
    Clueless might be a little harsh. I think they likely suffer from grossly incompetent management and lack of effective organization.
    How is it harsh when they never answer communications with them other than their autogenerated BS emails? How is it harsh when they do not address problems or complaints? How is it harsh when they foolishly attempt to merge a bunch of servers at one time? I'm no techie, but I know enough about servers to know that the whole idea of attempting to merge that many at one time is idiotic! How is it harsh when the game has so many quirks and bugs? How is it harsh when they don't even have the decency to post updates in the forum or on the home page? You can live with horrible customer service if you want to, I have more self respect than that. These people have no idea how to run a business or treat customers. None. Zero. Nada.

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    ss20 works now

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    lol i like how nobodys been on since the servers died...
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    soooo, can we please get a few cents for the inconvenience


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