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Thread: Evony PLEASE post a status update on the SS merge

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    Default Unable to lgoin to SS12

    it is nearly 15 minutes past the deadline when Evony said they would have the server up. i have tried logging in multiple times including refreshing the page but i am still unable to login anyone else having this problem?

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    Default Server 63 Merge

    Could some one please advise me as to how to access my account on 63. I believe it merged with 64 last night and i'm not sure what ss# it has become. And if i sign in under server 63 will it auto route me to the new server???confused(as usual) thanx in advance.

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    Yup. Same here for ss15.

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    Thumbs down

    everyone is having problems. Nice work!!!!

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    I'll say what they will. It was just an estimate, they're working as fast as they can to get the servers up and running just for their valuable customers (:
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    if it is an estimate they shouldn't say approximately.

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    It's a very vague approximately.

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    Same with ss20

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    Give them some time... geez you all want cents... I want them also lol

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    Same for ss25


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