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Thread: Evony PLEASE post a status update on the SS merge

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    Folks its been said before that the time limit they give out is an ESTIMATE not an exact time
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    Default ss18 Not working?

    What is going on?, Can't get into ss18!!

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    Same for SS10, and if it was about them making an estimate they wouldn't have said approximately so and so a time. So its their fault for letting evony players on those servers down. We expected them to be done on time like they said and they weren't. That's a disappointment.

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    Default Cant login to SS19

    Hey whats going on with the new super server? We were supposed to be able to login to ss19 at 12:00 server time. it is not 12:30 server time and nothing. just want to know whats going on

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    Yep ss007 the same, member are freaking.

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    None of them are working yet. Be patient theres loads of of ss' that have been active today
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightfang View Post
    Folks its been said before that the time limit they give out is an ESTIMATE not an exact time
    They shouldn't give estimates. They should give a time that they know they can be ready by so everyone can prepare to log in at that time as the first few hours of when the server opens is when everyone is picking their locations and is the most vital time of the server.

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    then like i said they should not say APPROXIMATELY because that indicates and EXACT time.

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    Will if its a estimate state it on the home page as Aprox 1200. Would stop alot of the confusion.


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