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Thread: !x factor!ss6 wecome!from BERSERKER!

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    Cool !x factor!ss6 wecome!from BERSERKER!

    very cool!the time is finally upon us the great server merge!well i thought but game still wont open lol!but anyhow !iwe are x factor from server 38!on our server lionsden and ld3 and x factor are without a doubt some of the best players on game!melri sets the standard on evony warfare !much respect to her and and all the greats server 38 has created!players like!RETIRED!LITTLEGAZ!MANGO!HIPPIE!EGGI3!JUST TO NAME A FEW!look forward to new blood on battlefield!shadows and dust!*berserker

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    LOL i remember farming Xfactor for food back when GODZ was alive you guys still close your gates with 500mil food in a city ??
    A l4dyh4wk limited edition

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    Talking um u got wrong x factor !

    not while i been here!lmao its rule gates open or kicked!but mine r open 4 ya swing on bye we will have tea

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    you said quite correctly Sstriife - when GODZ "WAS" alive, a reason we still are, alliances have developed, say hello in SS6.


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