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Thread: Queen of Evony Entries!

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    Thumbs up Queen of Evony Entries!

    This thread is for entries only! Discussion and comments go here.

    It is now time to select a Queen of Evony! All entries will be considered and finalists will be narrowed down to a reasonable number based on the quality of the entry. Once finalists are selected, a vote will be held by all of the community!

    All entries due by Wednesday, May 27, 2009 at 11:59 p.m.

    Submission Rules:

    • You may only submit photos of yourself, and you must be at least 18 years of age.
    • All photos must contain the word “Evony” in the photograph itself. Whether you want to make a sign, or a sash or something else is up to you. You may be creative, but digitally adding the word is not acceptable.
    • All photos must be “in costume.” What this means is up to you, but if you're wearing t-shirt and jeans, that photo will not be considered. You should look regal and bear in mind the setting of the game.
    • All photos should be tasteful. This means no nudity or semi-nudity, and nothing lewd.

    By submitting a picture, you agree to abide by all the rules of the contest and that you meet all the requirements for entry.

    The owner of the picture retains all rights to it. We will not use the picture without the written consent of the owner.


    • The winning photo will be dubbed the Queen of Evony and will receive a special reward package in-game, which may include Evony Cents, in-game items and special recognition!
    • In addition, everyone in the Queen's alliance will also receive a reward!

    Entries should include:

    • A picture of yourself, following the above-listed guidelines.
    • A discussion of your in-game accomplishments and/or experiences (i.e. prestige, ranking, alliance successes, leadership roles, funny stories, you name it!)

    Entries do not need to include:
    • Lady Name

    Entries MUST NOT include:

    Real life contact information.
    Account information.

    If your entry violates a rule, it will be disqualified and removed and you will be sent a PM explaining what rule you violated. If your entry is removed, do not simply re-post it. It was removed for a reason, and you should correct the illegal portion before trying again.

    If your entry violates any of the forum rules, you will be subject to the same penalties you would in any other thread, including infractions and/or a ban.

    Please use this thread for submissions only! All discussion and commentary on the contest belongs in this thread.
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    Name: Lyndaiz
    Server 3
    City: Kaldoria, Madgerion
    Prestige: 43,710
    Ranking: 14030
    Rank: major
    Title: Knight
    Alliance: yakama

    i have been playing this game for almost a month and still going strong. i have roped a couple people into the game aswell and they love it!
    alliance successes: Yakama currently has 2 aliances (yakama and Yakama2) we have the aliance rank of 50 and have only been up and running for almost a month.
    leadership roles: in my aliance i was the first to join and therefore was a vice host up until recently because of the rules in our aliance which put me one step down into presbyter. i have many RL leadership skills which we cant decuss but i put them into the game as if i was one with the game.funny stories: well i cant think of any to do with the game but i deffinatley have funny stories but telling funny stories to a queens people would be improper.

    i hope youvote for me! i am a very interesting personality and love to listen and help people out ans i love leading and i dont mind if my nails get dirty even if i dont look that way in my pictures.

    Thank you Evony Players

    Lyndaiz of Yakama, Server 3
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    I am a member of JFA on server 2. I have been playing the game since it was a beta.

    I have 190000 prestige, and own 9 cities.
    Ranking : Furstin

    I am a Presbyter in my alliance, and work hard to help keep JFA ranked in the top 50. I spend a lot of time helping and protecting our newbies. And helping other alliance members conquer cities. I love my alliance and will defend it at all costs. I enjoy plundering, raiding and long walks in lvl 10 valleys.

    If I was to be elected queen, my first priority would be the needs of my people. To answer their questions, help them in times of need and lead them on a victorious path.
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    As a player of Evony I am active on four of the six servers with focus on server one. My prestige is 79,583 and 15428 honor. I have five towns two of which have level ten town halls. I am the Vice Host and Senator's aide to TheOrder. My rank and title are Colonel and Viscount. I have assisted in diplomatic relationships between my alliance and several other alliances. I am a very organized person so I try to keep my towns as uniform as possible building every structure in the same location if possible. My alliance may seem small with a rank of only 155 but we hold true to the belief that the quality of our members is better then the quantity. We have our own alliance website ( as well as a teamspeak server for communications amongst our members. Please take me in consideration in the role of Queen of Evony.

    People of Evony
    If elected Queen of Evony I will do my best to serve not only server one but all servers that request my presence. All servers should benefit from the queen elect. I will actively help the newer colonists in Evony as well as the well established. I shall take time away from raising my own standings to aide those in need.
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    I have been playing evony for 20 days as of today. My prestige is 54505. I have one city. I am in an Alliance known as the Norsemen, which has the ranking of 77 with 87 members. The alliance I am in is currently friendly with 13 other alliances. Every day i try to help at least one newbie understand the game and play.
    My title is Knight and my Rank is Major.
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    Default Entry

    At my time of posting my stats are:
    Server 3
    My city's name is Gothica
    Cities: 2
    Prestige: 22707
    Rank: Colonel
    Title: Knight
    Alliance: Epiclulz Ranking: 150 80/100 Prestige: 3143195
    We are a fast growing Alliance that is very evolved in every aspect of our community. We are excepting new members. You can always find me on the chat sever at least 8+ hours of the day.

    I have only been playing for a couple of weeks, My main focus has been trying to build up my city. Done a couple scouting missions. I am still learning the game, but with the help of the beginners quest And my fellow alliance members I seemed to manage to learn alot of the basics.

    So far I love the game the graphics are great and it takes some skill to actually do, which I think makes it so addicting at times.
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    Default Entry

    Name: ConDeLeon
    Server 3
    City: Caer Donn
    Prestige: 40105
    Ranking: 14362
    Rank: Colonel
    Title: Knight
    Alliance: The greatest alliance ever: Eclipse

    I have been playing Evony for around a month now. I am a member of the alliance Eclipse. I try to help out all my alliance members as best I can. Here more recently I have been building up my troops to help with attacks. In between attacks on BadMofos I fight fires. I have a pretty exciting life in this game and outside of this game.
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    Default Here's my entry!

    Prestige 23605
    Rank Captain
    Title Baronet
    Ranking by Prestige 13073
    Hi, My name is Culiart! I'm 22 Years old. I've been playing Evony for about 3 weeks now. I am a member of the SmogsDen Allience. I am a very hard worker when it comes to playing and building up my cities. I am just starting on my 3rd city recently. I thought I'd try out for the Queen of Evony Contest, because it sounds like a great way to get involved with the game and also earn rewards for my allience members as well. I had soooo much fun putting together this photo. I'm sure all the other girls did as well. Good Luck to you all and Hail Evony, Free, Forever!
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    Server 1
    Name: Brena
    Alliance: Spartanz
    Prestiege: 213,385
    Rank : General
    Title: Duke
    Cities: I only need 3 at the moment.

    My name is Brena, I am a member of Spartanz. and as the saying goes "Only Spartanz women give birth to REAL men." I rarely sit on my thrown becuse I am a warrior just like our men. I am often at battle. Though I am not above helping out some of the younger players. I have been playing this game since the beginning and dont plan on quiting any time soon. I only work Part time so I have lots of time on my hands. I spend most of my time in Evony. I have even been known to play in my sleep. "true story"

    Im currently residing in the Alliance 300 Helping out moving things along for them. helping build up thier members. 300 is the Sub-Alliance for the Spartanz and soo to be alot stronger, so to those who like to pick on them because they cant pick on the Spartanz know that they are ALWAYS under Protection..Keeping an eye on our Younger alliance has been lots of fun and hard work but they are becoming strong!

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    Default Phoenixe

    I am new to the Evony experience, having only recently come to this land to be with my family, but I have already made a great deal of friends in my short time here. I have joined a wonderful alliance that promotes growth both in and out of this community, where we help each other out in every way we can. We laugh together, we cry together, we drink and burn down bars together. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who are accepting of anyone, and people who truly care about each other.

    At the time of this writing I have 7,160 people whom have joined my town, and entrust their care to me. They contribute to the growth of our village with 92,376 bushels of food, 199,968 pieces of lumber, 365,280 pieces of stone and 252,672 pieces of iron each day. With the trust that my people have place in me with these resources I give back to my people by building them better homes, better places to work, and rewarding my heroes, as they have served us all with great honor.

    Like all great leaders I know I have much wisdom still to gain. With this in mind I humbly request to serve all of you as Queen of Evony.

    Respectfully yours

    Servant of of the people

    Let it not be said that I do not listen to the people of the lands. I see that some have requested more of a mission statement, and I will provide one as best as I can, for a Queen serves her people first and foremost, and to do that, one must do more than merely just hear the words that are spoken to her. My goals as Queen would be more than to simply ease the woes of those in my lands, but to be a voice for all. I will listen to each of you as though you were a brother. . .a sister. . .and take to heart the things you say in all my actions. I will remember to always put the needs of my people before my own. I will bring new people and new ideas to our lands. I will promote tolerance, freedom, and harmony in all ways. I can promise no more, and you can expect no less from the commitment I will give to you.

    Servant of the people
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