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Thread: Queen of Evony Entries!

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    Default Me, myself and I

    My prestige recently got to 70139! Yay! My ranking has been going up steadly, currently around 6900 right now.
    I am very happy in my alliance, when someone gets attacked, everyone wants to help the person in distress.
    Recently we were at war with an alliance that did some dirty tricks on us! Our goodhearted leader accepted on of their members in our alliance
    because he said they were abusing him. Surprise! He was a spy and with him we lost two cities and a surprise attack went wrong.
    The person we were supposed to attack teleported his city before we could get him.
    Our alliance chat is almost always alive with interesting stories and individuals.
    I joined evony saying that I'm a boy but I decided to blow my cover with this contest since I want to help in getting them some goodies.

    I hope you like my pictures !
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    Name: LeahG
    Server 2
    City: Hyrule
    Prestige: 107,386
    Ranking by prestige: 4347
    Rank: Colonel
    Title: Knight
    Alliance: Burgundy

    I've been playing Evony for about month now. I love my alliance! We rock! We are climbing the rankings quickly and I'm pretty darn happy about that. Everyone has worked together for the best definitely. Got hooked the first day and got some others to join took them down with me lol. Anyway I loved the game and thought this contest looked fun so why not give it a try!

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    Default Pick me, pick me. No, really. Check out that crown, or starters.

    So I really like Evony, it's pretty schweet, and I got me two cities (Tattouine and Dagobah, in North March), and an alliance (DMC88 - for people who don't need roads), and it's all good. I think it would be even better if I were Queen though, fo' sho'.

    You know it's true.

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    Default Skandranon44

    Hello fellow citizens of evony.
    Name: Skandranon
    Server: 3
    Alliance: Whitehnd, which is ranked 45 and I am an officer in it, and we have a collective prestige of 7918147 and 88 members
    State: Both of my cities are now located in Thuringia
    Prestige: 107,673 and rising
    Title:Knight, soon to be baronet after I get 2 more medals
    Ranking: 5015
    Honor: 10,003

    diff 009.jpg

    diff 011.jpg

    diff 014.jpg

    diff 019.jpg

    I have been a member of Evony for a couple of months now, and am on as much as I can be when I am not engaged in my classes or doing Theater. I am 18 years old as of January 8, and have made many new friends on this game. My alliance is awesome and we have many wonderful people on it who are all willing to fight for one another. Indeed I have participated in wars against enemy alliances and have helped and recieved help in hard times. But we have many more fun times together, Most of which occur when Kosh, TI, Phoe, Ro, and I all get together. Our conversations are definitely interesting. I am a very open- minded person, and do not judge others on appearance, religions, or other outwardly qualities. I try to help those who need help, and I punish those who maliciously hurt my friends. Just Kidding..... or am I? Well anyway, I am loyal to my alliance and the friends of my alliance, and I am very unlikely to attack other cities without cause. I am also a pretty creative person. Lol. I made my sign using markers to do calligraphy, and I made the costume I am wearing, which is one in a set of two. (I am costume mistress of my school's theater department so I make A LOT of costumes for myself and others) I am kind of shy and quite, but in Evony I am more open, making it a favorite place for me to be. I would like to be queen, but I wish all of the other contestant the best of luck and I hope you all have fun ^.^
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    In Game Name: Merien
    Rank: Knight
    Title: Colonel
    Prestige: 37262
    Rank: 12869
    Alliance: Artemis
    Server: 2
    I've been playing Evony for a long time. Long enough to still be rather annoyed that the name changed lol. I am the host of the Artemis alliance. I made my alliance a totally active alliance, getting rid of all the inactive players. We are also a relatively peaceful alliance, only attacking those who attack us. I'm a very good leader, I make sure my alliance members stay happy and that they get everything they need (resources, protection, etc). Thank you for reading . I hope I get some votes .
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    Name: Jolijoli
    Server 5
    State: Bohemia
    Prestige: 26,715
    Ranking: 13289
    Rank: Captain
    Title: Knight
    Alliance: EG

    Age: 21

    Although I have not played for Evony for too long, I am already addicted to it. I love getting online working on my city and chatting with my alliance. I have met many awesome people through Evony that have helped me to learn the game. Although I am new to the game I try to help others as much as possible. I have just gotten started on my second city and this is just the beginning of my quest for domination! I would be love to serve as a queen of Evony and take part in the community here! I hope that some of you will vote for me!

    Along with playing Evony, I love to paint, draw, write, read literature (Rochester anyone?) and play unhealthy amounts of video games. I am a geek in so many ways, but I love it and I am proud to be myself! So, far my experience with Evony has been great and it was fun taking part in this contest! I try to be a good-natured and kind person and I hope that this has shown through in some way.

    Good luck to all of the other ladies!
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    Default Steph

    Hello Evony!
    Let me tell you about myself: I just got out of beginner protection a couple days ago; my rank is captain/title baronet and prestige about 61,200 and raising; alliance successes include joining one and staying in it (inactive people tend to get kicked out). I am very proud to be part of an alliance ranked in the top 20- good job guys!

    I should be queen because I already have a court full of jesters entertaining me, better known as the Pacific Alliance on Server 3.

    I would just like to let you all know that normally girls tend to wish for world peace and prosperity, but I am hoping for World Domination! So happy hunting... and watch out Friesland!

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    i live in franconia, or suffolk england

    Default Evony queen

    Hi, name's fella, i belong to DKoR2, sister alliance of DKoR,
    i've been playing for about 3 weeks now and i love plundering and pillaging (it brings out my dominatrix!) lol
    I think i have the qualities to lead u all as queen, i am fair, just, compassionate and a little eccentric which i think helps..... look at henry VIII!
    i own two cities at present but am busy preparing to take over my third!
    my prestige is about 60,000.
    I hail from the land of Queen Boudicea, if i was born 2 millenium earlier i'd have done her!!!!
    I have met some great people on Evony and am grateful to all the members of my alliance for their help and support, vital to every queens realm.
    if you dont vote for me you will be beheaded, but if you do we'll have a feast with lots of mead, music and mayhem!
    farewell my fellow Evonians
    I will now return to Cloud 8 1/2
    lady Fella
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    Default Queen of Evony

    In the white world of, "YouTubulous" I wandered its white long halls full of moving stories and tales of many of the men and woman that had descended there. When one day, I found a door that led me to the precurser of a new world, Civony.

    As I fell from the heavenly state from "YouTubulous" I found myself in a strange country where I became suddenly lost. Voices of black came from the valleys and hills, demanding for answers to their never ending questions, swearing oaths and admist all that confusion I found a violet voice amongst the crowd. It said to join. To join them.

    Now, I speak amongst them in my very own blue radiance and converse with them everyday, learning and growing. Growing incredible power.

    Though the world of Civony was a great and valuable experience, and many foes and allies had histories amongst each other that would make libraries of past. The First Age of the Civony had ended, and then came a new Age of Evony. Refilled with new promises.

    Power isn't for the weak minded and weak willed. It demands a host of great determination and mental will. Not all can achieve such a gift as power at the beginnings of their journey.

    Lukilly, the Gods of Evony have given us amulets to bless ourselves with and give us a hope to continue on with the trinkets they have given us.

    When darkness ascends on you, when war and famine is gnawing at your feet, when all of your land seems to be crashing down - do not fear. Do not fear for you have friends around you. You have countries around you. You have a world with you.

    Crops can be resown, trees can be reborn, iron and stone can be found dug deep, homes can be rebuilt. There are many ways to live your life as I am living my life at the moment. I am a Colonol of great honour, a Knight of great opportunity, a lady who dreams to be one day a queen.

    I hope to you all the best of luck on your journey. Keep fighting for what you believe in, support and love others as they have supported you. I say these words from the memories of my very own heart. And I hope to the dieties of the world, you shall prosper.

    Men and women, sons and daughters, brothers and daughters - I bid thee all the greatest from all of my heart.evony2queen.jpg
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    Default SuperNic - Queen of Evony

    Greetings my fellow Evonions.

    I am SuperNic - I play on servers 3, 4, 5 and 6 and I'm the host for the alliance "TeamGB" on all of these servers; I have more than 100K prestige across them all. I help out the other alliance members where ever possible and I’m always available for them to talk to whether it’s about the game or not. I have also created a forum for my alliance, and a facebook page so we can all contact each other whenever we need to; we're all friends, not just members of the same alliance.

    I thought my picture definitely takes into account the setting of the game. A strong Queen on her noble steed surveying her empire. My horse is also in the spirit of the game, been the breed of horse that went into battle.

    I am proud to be Princess SuperNic, but would be honoured to be your Queen. I have yet to show my full potential in expanding across the lands irradiating the barbarian villages that surround us all. My noble steed, Ruby, and i would lead you all into battle confident and strong.

    I assure you, that with myself as your Queen we can rid the lands of infestations and live Free Forever.

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    Lady SuperNic
    Servers: 3, 4, 5, 6
    Host of TeamGB


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