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Thread: Medal Farming on New Servers (90+)

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    Default Medal Farming on New Servers (90+)


    I realize there are a lot of guide's and posts on medal farming. The high level servers seem to be the hardest servers to get medals on. Most people claim about a 1% drop rate for medals on these servers. I bed to differ. I am currently pulling out 1 medal in every 5 attacks, or at a 20% rate.

    Conversely, I have actually gone 2 full weeks, farming every day, without getting a single medal!!! During this time I was testing theories and strategies on how to farm medals. Obviously, I had failed. Yet, obviously, I was doing everything exactly wrong: which made it easy to figure out what were the right things to do to farm medals...

    That being said: There are lot of good guides on this subject. Yet, they do not know "why" their guides are good. Here is a link to the best guide on farming medals on high level servers that I have ever found:

    Here is a link to a spreadsheet showing medal drop rates per valley: %20Xc&hl=en


    1) Make sure your feasting hall is full:
    This is probably the most important aspect of medal farming that people do not realize. Basically, there is a roll for loot when you attack a valley. The game first rolls to see if you can capture a Hero as your reward. There is about a 40-50% chance to capture a hero from a valley. After that, if no hero is granted, it makes a roll for a medal. If no hero or medal granted, it makes a roll for random items.

    There is a very very rare chance to get multiple items from a valley. We will get to that later, as certain conditions must exist which we have not covered yet. Otherwise, if you have Feasting Hall has slots available, the game will attempt to give you a Hero first, to fill these slots. Which isn't what we want... we want medals not hero's...

    2) Time:
    Yes, Time. Time is the second biggest factor when farming medals. Your extremely likely to get 2 medals every 6 hours or so. Getting more than 2 medals in a row, or within a series of 10 attacks is extremely rare, but getting 2 medals back to back is actually a common place. A lot of people / guides state that they are getting 6-12 medals a day. Reality of this is that they are getting 4-6 daily (spread out over 12 hours or so). Yes you can get tons of medals in one day. I've gotten 10 in a day, but these days are the expection not the rule. The rule is that you will get 1-2 medals every 6 hours or so.

    Be sure to target specific valleys if you are looking for specific medals, when you log in and 6 hours after you received your first 2 medals.

    Remember, if you get 1 medal, your extremely likely to get another medal in quick order, as long as you pay attention to #3.

    #3) Valley Level is important!
    This should really be #2. Valley levels work like this (in theory):
    LvL 5 = 0.001%
    LvL 6 = 0.01%
    LVL 7 = 0.1%
    LvL 8 = 1%
    LvL 9 = 3%
    LvL 10 = 5%

    These percentages are approximations. There are a lot of factors involved in producing the true percentage chance of getting a medal from a valley. I will cover this a bit later.

    #4: Prestige:
    A lot of people claim that loosing troops has nothing to do with getting medals. For the most part they are right, but: I was able to get zero medals in 2 weeks going lossless on every valley I attacked. Yes... zero medals. This is when I switched up my tactics. I am now able to literally "call" medals (as long as I watch how long its been since I got my last medal).

    Lesson Learned: Always send 250-500 warriors for Prestige.

    Yes you can get more prestige from say archers, but why loose archers? This is just 1 factor in many and does not guarantee you medals.

    The prestige value of a troop is based off the net cost of the troop in the barracks. Just a word to the wise: Cavalry are worth ZERO prestige! Furthermore, rainbows of 1 of each do NOT grant prestige!

    #5) Hero Level:
    Here is another point for debate. A lot of people claim that your hero's stats don't matter. Well, they are right... your int, attack etc are moot points. What matters is your hero's level. I would recommend that you use a hero that is above lvl 50. I did / have gotten tons of medals with my int hero, but guess what... she's my primary medal farmer.

    I have also leveled tons of hero's by attacking valleys. Guess what? They don't get as many medals as my lvl 50+ hero's. In fact, they rarely get medals at all.

    #6 Over All Troop Count
    Troop count really doesn't matter. If you stick to the first 5 rules, this will hardly affect you at all. This does play a factor in getting items from valleys though. The only time I've seen more than 1 item pulled from a valley is under rare circumstances where in someone has sent 100k scouts and accidentally attacked a lvl 10 valley. They took insane losses yes, but they won and pulled both an amulet and a nation medal from the valley. Sadly, I have seen this on multiple occasions.

    People also like to send 25k archers and a rainbow to a valley. This is a minimum # of troops if you aren't sending warriors. Yes you'll get medals, but it will be a tad more sporadic than if you sent the warriors. The reason is summed up in the following:

    Getting Medals From Valleys Is a Factor of Many Items Forming An Equation.

    The Equation is Base % of Valley + Time Since Last Medal Gained + Prestige Gained + Hero LvL + Over All Troop Count

    Each peice of the pie is worth points. They are listed in order. The first items listed are worth more points than the last item listed. That being said:

    You are almost guaranteed a medal(x2) from a lvl 10 valley, every 6 hours, with 100+ prestige gained on the fight using a lvl 50+ hero with more than 25k troops.

    This is just an example: The troop count will obviously change per valley and I recommend following the guide I linked above for supplemental information. It is a very good guide, and I will not have the space to explain everything here in regards to tactics.

    The only point I have not hit on in this guide is distance from your town. This does seem to play a role, but if all of the other factors are accounted for, it should not affect you! During off times, I would recommend sending troops to attack valleys that are farther away.

    The ONLY time troop count and prestige gains over ride the other factors is in very LARGE fights with huge troop looses: AKA lvl 10 NPCs, or accidentally scout bombing a lvl 10 valley. Under these circumstances you are more likely to get 2 items from a valley and or a Nation medal (I have never gotten one of these, nor seen one of these, except in these situations).

    Basic Tactics

    I am not going to get into too many details on this point: Attacking valleys / farming medals, is a dynamic situation that is dependent on each valleys make up.

    Here is a brief list of the do's and do not's:

    1) Don't spam attack valleys.

    This does not work on high level valleys. Yes you can "catch and release" valleys to reset the troops though, but I do not recommend this for valleys over 10 miles away, if at all.

    2) Don't Catch and Release Valleys Under 10 Miles and go "oh this is going to be a great day for medals!!"

    This is more of a warning and not something to make a point to never do.

    I don't care if you do eventually get the "perfect valley" when you catch and release a lake or some other valley close to your town. This does not guarantee you medals. The factors above still apply, and though this is a great tactic for farming "Specific Medals" (in fact this is how I got my rose medals), this does not guarantee " A great day for medals!"

    The only time this is a solid tactic is when you are farming Rose and Honor medals: Why? Because Lakes, Flats, and Forests are highly coveted and claimed by other players. If you are like me, and the maps covered with alliance and NPC's, its good to Catch and Release Valleys... in fact, its probably your only option to get these medals. Let your neighbors know if you decide to upgrade that level 6 lake to a lvl 10 so they don't take it!

    3) Target Valleys without Archers and Cavalry
    You can literally spend hours "catch and releasing" valleys close to your Town to get a good valley set up. AKA: One without cav's and archers. This is why I don't recommend doing it. Just scout every lvl 9 and 10 valley for up to 30 miles and forget about the ones with tons of cavs and archers. You'll take heavy losses and regret it in the end.

    4) Target Specific Valleys 6 hours after you get 1-2 medals and / or when you log in for the day:

    It might take some time to get the medal you want when you first log in, but lets face it... your not farming cross medals. Its worth hitting the "right valley at the right time." All other valleys are supplemental. Attack the valleys that drop the medals you need until you get 1 (or get bored and give up).

    5) Do not Capture Valleys
    If you intend to attack that valley with 15k pikemen or 25k warriors over and over, don't capture it. This will reset the troops inside the valley once you release it.

    6) Don't Re-Scout Valleys

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or what, but I've "broken" tons of valleys. Once you scout a valley it doesn't change.

    7) Wait 1 hour before attacking the same valley again
    You want to keep your attack logs, atleast until you attack again. This will help you gauge when you can attack the valley again. Your more likely to get medals from fully replenished valleys.
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    Default Ha! I ran out of Space!


    As I stated in the beginning I have literally gone weeks without getting a single medal. In fact, it took me over 2 months to get 5 rose medals. Following these tactics I was able to get my last 5 rose medals in 3 days. All in All, I gained over 400k prestige just farming rose medals and developing tactics to consistently farm medals. I am pretty much retired from farming medals now. I do need 9 more honor medals to get my next rank, but I am not worried about it. For giggles, I thought I'd see how hard it would be for me to get an honor medal following these tactics.... Took me 5 minutes. I got one on my first valley!

    Here's a list (stolen from the guide I linked above) of valleys to attack for medals:

    Where to find your medals (This may not be 100% accurate)

    Cross: everywhere - mainly lower level valleys

    Rose: lvl 10 flats and Lakes

    Lion: lvl 10 hills and Grasslands

    Honor: lvl 10 forests (lvl 9 also seem to drop a decent amount)

    Freedom: swamps.

    Wisdom: not sure.

    Courage: Hills and Grasslands

    Nation: Lvl 10 hills (rare)

    Justice: Level 10 swamps and deserts

    Obviously the medals tips in the in game quest guide is wrong. In fact, your can't get medals at all from valleys lvl 1-4 and you'll only get a medal from a lvl 5 once in a blue moon. If you can get medals from these valleys the drop rate is about 0.0000001%. The lower level and some mid level medals are best achieved from level 9 valleys. Basically, you can consistently get 2 medal types per valley type. For example, Lakes drop cross and rose medals consistently... Hills and Grasslands drop courage consistently, Grasslands and Deserts drop Lions consistently.. etc.. in reality, any medal can drop from any valley, its just all part of the equation...

    PS: If you start pulling out medals when / where you want them and find this guide helpful, then please post to bump it so that other players can read it as well.

    EDIT: I've been seeing a trend lately. I just needed a couple honor and wisdom medals for furstin. I started with the honor and spammed about 40 forests ... couple freedom medals etc but no honor... so I switched up. I attacked a couple deserts and grasslands and *presto* I got an honor medal. I've seen this a lot, where you target 1 valley type and end up dry after dozens of attacks, then attack something else and get the rose or honor medal your looking for.

    That being said: Don't be afraid to switch up valley types if your targeting valleys for specific medals, you'll probably get exactly what your looking for some where else!
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    Here is how it has been going for me. I'm on server 119 btw.

    Since I have started looking for medals in lvl 10 valleys only it has been going very well. I just haven't gotten the rose medals I need. NONE.

    Anyways, last night and today I have gotten 4 medals in 7 attacks.
    Justice medal from a desert
    Lion from a grassland
    2 cross from flats.

    One thing I would like to add that makes things easier. U don't have to keep capturing and abandoning. U don't have to have an open slot for a valley. Just attack and plunder, and hopefully take a medal with you.

    Wisdom from a swamp
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    I farmed all day on ss20. Got a total of 13 medals, Lion, Courage, Cross, Nation, and 1 stinking Justice; they are hard to come by.

    Either way they are there, just got to be vigilant about farming for them like you do for food.

    PS: for you statistic junkies, I have 8 cities, and average 6 attacks per city every 2-3 hours. I never scout, I hit level 7-10, everything I could find, over and over and over
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    SWIS Because we are Neutral

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    Rose: lvl 10 flats and Lakes

    Is there a 3rd or 4th choice? Thank You

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    Quote Originally Posted by blengend View Post
    Rose: lvl 10 flats and Lakes

    Is there a 3rd or 4th choice? Thank You
    Not really, its random after that. Each valley has 2 potential medals to drop consistently. I have gotten nearly all of my rose medals from level 10 lakes. I just release the ones I own and farm them. I did get one from a hill... 1.This is the exception not the rule. I know a lot of people get them from flats. I have never personally gotten one from a flat.

    Like I said in my post, I was able to get 5 in 3 days... took me 2 months to get the first 5. Basically, I flipped my lakes till I got pikemen / warrior / swordsmen combos. I usually got a rose, cross or some random medal flipping them. Then for the next 6 hours I just attacked fillers. After 6 hours had passed, and no medals, I focused on the lakes again.

    I only had 1 town. Perhaps _where_ you send you attack from is a factor as well. Of course, if your struggling for rose medals. You only have 1 or 2 towns as well.

    I'll test this out a little to see.

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    Is it just me or is there no troop combination section in this guide? Can U please post? Cause I'm taking quite heavy losses from calv and archer vallies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blengend View Post
    Is it just me or is there no troop combination section in this guide? Can U please post? Cause I'm taking quite heavy losses from calv and archer vallies.
    Nope, theres already a great guide on troop combinations available here:

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    another justice from a desert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrStaKa View Post
    Nope, theres already a great guide on troop combinations available here:
    They dont post for Archer + calvary vallies.


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