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Thread: What's a Screenshot?

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    Default What's a Screenshot?

    Okay so you have a question, and somebody asks for a "screenshot".
    How are you supposed to know how to get a screeshot if you've never done one?
    Hopefully this brief description will help you get the images you want,
    without searching google in desperation.

    Step 1: Get the image that you want:

    Step 2: Press "Print Screen"

    For PC:

    For MAC:

    Step 3: Paste Into Paint
    Or any image editing program on your machine

    Notice how your image is your ENTIRE computer screen? You will have to edit the screen.
    If you are unsure of how to erase things like co-ordinates, or resize an image,
    or even crop click on the "Help" tab of the program you are using and learn how it works!

    An example of erasing images is below (in paint):

    Step 4: Downloading to your profile
    You can use a photo sharing site too

    Left click on User CP at the top left hand side of the screen:

    Left click on "Pictures and Albums" on the left hand side of your screen:

    Add the album:

    Click the "Submit" button when you have filled in the info and set your album to "Public":

    (Left click people)

    The upload screen:

    Now you can edit/name your pictures:

    And then you are brought to your newly uploaded pictures:

    Then you can copy and past the link for the picture:

    After this is complete, when you are posting the screenshot, click the image button on your message and paste the link in it:

    Compliments of the wonderful Warsimi!

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    There is an easier way to get screenshots, using Snip on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    Click on the start button at the left hand bottom of your computer screen that looks like this:

    On the "Search" line, type "Snip". Press Enter, or click "Snipping Tools".

    To take a screenshot, change some things:

    Using the "Rectangular Snip" is probably the most convenient, but test them all out. To change setting, click the little arrow beside the "New" button and change the settings.

    For optimal screenshots, change some settings:

    Make sure to uncheck the "Show Selection Ink After" since the border colour will arrive with the picture if it is checked. Change the border ink colour to whatever you want, it doesn't matter.

    Saving your screenshot:

    After taking the screenshot, click the floppy disk icon and click save. Choose your file format (I recommend GIF).


    Follow Abstract's instructions on uploading pics later. Also, all screenshots are defaulty saved to "Pictures" of your user folder. (C:\Users\Username\Pictures) (Replace "Username" with your computer Username)

    Hope it helped ;p

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    i have tried the way posted on this thread 1st and its all fine right up to where i have pressed upload and it shows up as "invalid"

    any ideas? image > paint > User CP > photos > upload > "invalid" :S

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    Reposting due to new information and updates

    Quote Originally Posted by minidavoo View Post
    i have tried the way posted on this thread 1st and its all fine right up to where i have pressed upload and it shows up as "invalid"

    any ideas? image > paint > User CP > photos > upload > "invalid" :S
    Save in paint, then go to a site such as:

    Photobucket *Need to create an account*

    Then, grab the url code, found on each site like this:






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