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Thread: Unfair Suspension

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    Default Unfair Suspension

    Hi !!
    I am writing about something that has recently happended to me,
    while I was experimenting with a new farming tequniche.

    Below are all my E-Mails to Evony about said incident.
    To date this matter has not been resolved

    I have mailed you 4 times to explain that i wasnt cheating
    or using some bot programme and have not recieved an answer.
    You were quick enough to accuse me slow to vindicate.

    I will now put in the e-mails i sent you in order.

    Mail 1>

    Hello i do not understand why my account has been suspended
    as i have not used any form of in game cheat i would like you to
    look further into this.

    Adam Allardyce

    mail 2>

    I am writing to you again in further detail about my account being suspended.
    I am not happy that this has happend and i have never used any form of in
    game cheat.

    I have 7 cities on my account and i farm NPCs with 5 of these cities.
    I send out 8 heroes from each city at a time so that is 40 heroes out
    farming at a time,i was struggling to keep up with which city had
    farmed which NPCs so i found it was easier to have a book and write
    down the co-ords of the NPCs for each city and to send out the 8
    heroes from each city then wait till all 8 had returned to each city and send them
    out again. If this is what has raised your suspicion i hope that this
    explains in enough detail what i have been doing.

    Adam Allardyce

    Mail 3 >

    I have mailed you twice now and am still unhappy about
    being accused of cheating and want this matter cleared
    up because when i can log in to the game again if i farm
    my Level 5 NPCs in the same fashion i will again be
    accused of cheating and may be suspended or banned.

    i will explain what i did again.

    I farm Level 5 NPCs from 5 of my cities and have found it
    easier to send 8 heroes out from each city and to then wait
    for all 8 heroes to return to there relevant city and send all 8
    out again i find i can keep tabs on which city has farmed which
    NPCs quite easily using this method some of the cities dont
    require a full 8 heroes out the second time as they dont have 16
    or more level5 NPCs to farm.
    I ask you to look at the activity of my city called Banockburn located
    @ **/** and you will see that while all those level 5 NPCs were being
    farmed this city farmed 5 or 6 level 10 NPCs and that each level 10 NPC
    was scouted several times by me to obtain a low level defending hero to
    minimise archer losses when i attacked them. This alone should proove
    that i was not using any form of in game cheat or bot thing.

    Adam Allardyce

    Mail 4 >

    i have wtitten you 3 times this being 4th explaining
    how i was farming my lvl5 NPCs.
    I have recieved no mail back from you,
    i also told you to look ata the activity of
    my city Banockburn which farmed 5 - 6
    Lvl10 NPCs while the lvl5s were being
    farmed. if you look at tha activity of banockburn
    you will see it not only farmed these lvl10 NPCs
    but it did infact scout each lvl10 NPC several times
    to obtain a low level defending hero.
    I can now log into the game as the period of
    suspension has expired, but i am scared to farm my
    lvl5 NPCs incase you accuse me of cheating again
    and my account is suspended or even banned
    i want this matter cleared up

    Adam Allardyce

    I want this matter resolved as i am now scared to farm my lvl5 NPCS.
    I am also unhappy to notice that all my troops in each city has been halved.

    Adam Allardyce

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    You realize that although the blanket mail just mentions botting or 3rd party software, bans/suspensions actually include a whole host of other reasons, like in-game profanity/threats, multi-accounting, account sharing, etc., right? Are you innocent of any and all rule breaking for which you may have been punished?

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    Default Suspension

    Yes mate i have never used foul language,or threatend anyone i have only this account i do not share it with anyone.


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    Default Suspension

    This Suspension happened after first time i tried
    my new farming method so i am assuming the
    suspension is linked to that.


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    Well I farm similar to you - about 140 different NPC5's a day from 5 locations, wait for all to return, send them back out, always in the same order. Times are obviously different, during the day, frequency (be it 3x or 1x a day) and time between waves varies a little so that is enough for the system to see that I'm human. I don't think that's why you were suspended. Would be nice if one of the admin could review and check out your problem. Unfortunately us normal mods are powerless in that respect. Good luck. :|

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    Default mmmmm

    thanks for your vote of confidence DCJerboa
    but will Evony admit they have made a mistake??!!?!?!?!

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    nope they wont adam,
    i hope i never experience the problem you are facing it seems the system evony uses to find those "botting" or "cheating" isnt working as well as it should , i am all for banning those cheaters but not when they have done nothing wrong
    age 2 newb

    age 1 experienced

    back to the game after long time off

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    Sad but there isnt anything poistive to add to this post, I do the same and have been accused the same, and have not received a response, well, ummm the same. (Applies name tag to join the club)

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    Default Unfair suspension part 2

    The latest E-Mail to Evony about this incident.

    I have asked you to look at the activity of

    my city Banockburn which farmed 5 -6 lvl10 NPCs

    if this is not enough you will also see that as each

    lvl5NPC was farmed the reports were read and deleted

    straight away another way of prooving i was online and

    did not use a bot thing.

    Adam Allardyce

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    gotta watch our complaining, i hear the ban you for complaining to much


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