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Thread: Server Merges

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    Default Server Merges

    I was part of the latest wave of server merges and I am of the opinion that Evony screwed the proverbial pooch on this one. They merged 2 servers into a super server. Now the server is like a ghost town. 300 miles for attacks???
    Even porting into other states attacks are still over an hour away in most cases. I am not counting the unaligned people as they are either inactive or not worth attacking as they have nothing in the way of resources or troops.
    I also see quite a few dead players that got brought over in the merge.
    Personally all the zero popped players should have been co-located in one area designated the Evony graveyard.
    I think when they merge 2 servers they should leave the dimensions the same.
    Super servers should be left for 5 or more servers merging.
    3 and 4 servers should stay on the same size maps.
    This is just my opinion though. It is not the opinion of the dozens of people I have seen quit in the past week.

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    Sometimes new strategies should be employed instead of griping about not finding somewhere close enough to attack from. A search of the forums should find you threads about capturing NPCs from long distances.
    But....the eternal ray of sunshine REALLY wanted to see you, so I helped brighten your day by removing the city from around you! ^.^

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    Ashanta you have no clue as to what you are talking about. You dont even know the conditions on my server. The super servers were designed for FOUR servers to be merged. Server 66 was half dead before the merge. And as far as finding opponents, I have teleported to them.And I know how to takeover NPC's it is just that I am not gonna takeover a level 10 from 350 miles, thats just asinine to tie up 4-5 cities for as long as that would take to do nevermind the total waste of troops. Tell me you are on SS18 and give me your coords and I will pay you a really special visit.

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    Basic law of mathematics:

    What do you get when you merge two half-dead servers onto a server of twice the size?

    You still have a half-dead server.

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    Actually the super servers are four times the size so you would have a 3/4 dead server.

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    So what are you whining about?
    They wouldn't be called "Super Servers" if the devs hadn't done anything about the size of the map. The earlier servers that merged aren't complaining about the size -- why are you?
    I'm willing to wager that most of the other servers that merged are already or almost [as you call it] "half dead" ... but all are still there, and there are still people playing.

    As for your 2nd post in this thread, that's quite a "I'm-big-and-strong" image you're trying to project there. Dude, the lady was just replying to your post. If you hadn't wanted people to respond (regardless of the way they do it), then don't start a thread if you're just going to be rude.

    Going back to the subject, if you're not entirely satisfied with how your super server turned out, then transfer to the newer servers ... otherwise, leave the game.

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    I'm playing a merged server and we all just went to a few states. Cramped as crap but it's fun
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    Exactly. Your (Lorkar) server is still a few weeks young. Later on it'll be crowded with players and NPCs again. So enjoy the more spacious view (compared to your previous server) while you can.

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    The earlier servers had FOUR servers merged so that is more than TWICE the number of servers merged into one. The super server was designed for FOUR servers not two. That was my whole complaint they should have left the server size the same considering the number of inactives so it would have been more populated. Instead they have a server FOUR times the size and a population big enough to use about ONE QUARTER of it. Has this been simplified to the point you are able to understand now?

    two servers - inactive players + Super Server = GHOST TOWN

    And as to your second post, it will not suddenly fill up with new players and become this beautiful war zone as new players wont stand a chance. And as far as NPC's go...who wants to play FarmVille? Maybe you?

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    Farmville rocks

    But i can understand that you can get insanely bored on a server merge like that.
    Quote Originally Posted by samkillian View Post
    My wife says "do the dishes", and i'm out in the backyard pretending i don't hear her. My boss yells over "Where's my report", and i disappear down the hall to chat with people. But evony tells me "loading, please wait", and i somehow sit here staring at my screen waiting.


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