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Thread: Battle mechanics: New attack strategy

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    Post Battle mechanics: New attack strategy

    Hey guys, Vice again...bringing you my latest findings to the Evony community.
    This time I'll be teaching about what I find the most effective way of taking out a fully defended city(without 100k battering rams). We will use this example as a "fully-defended" city.(and again this is assuming all buildings that modify mechanics and researches are at 10)
    17,333 ATs
    1001 traps
    1000 abatis

    100,000 warriors
    250,000 scout
    100,000 pikemen
    50,000 swordsmen
    300,000 archers
    50,000 cavalry
    50,000 cataphracts
    4000 transporters
    3000 ballistae

    OK here goes.....
    Step 1: Take out the scouts

    scout this person over and over til you get the report and find out this is what they have

    Step 2: Take out the traps

    send multiple waves of 20k or 50k warriors
    or one wave of 100k warriors

    Step 3: Clear the melee units and cavalry

    Now this is where i decided to change things up due to recent findings that there are at least 3, possibly 5 units that engage attacking units BEFORE attackers are in the range of the rain of arrows from the ballistae and archer towers. So I will break this section up. P.S. sending 1k-10k archers never hurts with these waves instead of your foolish, noobish "rainbow" atacks....I have determined they call it rainbow for a reason.

    3a: Scouts
    killing these buggers is best left to the scout missions as they act fishy when in combat scenarios, and sometimes just run circles around your troops while they fight the rest of the defending troops.

    3b:Cavalry and Cataphracts
    Send waves of 10k-50k pikemen over and over, scouting between waves until all the horsies are dead, lying in heaps of dogfood piles in front of the city...

    3c: Swordsmen and pikemen
    option 1: I have found out Swordsmen are the best units to kill these with minimal losses send in the same amounts as you send pikemen to take these out

    option 2: Warriors will do the trick also, as they move slower and draw the defending troops out of range of AT's even more so if you find you are losing too many swordsmen due to their speed. I would not recommend sending less than 100k in this stage.

    Step 4: Warriors (slowpokes)

    option 1: cavalry do this the best, waves of 10k would eventually destroy all warriors and abatis.

    option 2: dont even worry about them, and skip this step...they'll die soon enough.

    Step 5: Archers, Archer Towers, Ballistae, and all other stand still units

    These units must be taken out together and there are multiple methods of doing this, so I will touch on 2 of them. the costly and cheap method.


    Method costly: Scout Bombs

    send about 12-15 scoutbombs of 100k or more scouts that land with gates OPEN, if gates are closed you will not do nearly as much damage. Each of these waves should kill about 20k archers on average with gates open, or 500-2500 AT's with gates closed. Yes 2500....see
    [this player started out with 12k AT's in level 10 walls and this was the final scoutbomb after about 7 while the player kept their gates closed...and yes, techs were respectable])

    Method cheap(and quick):

    100k cataphracts 1 wave with a great hero will take out up to 600k archers and all AT's

    Step 6: Spam

    300-5k cavs to get loyalty down, spacing hits 6 mins apart once loyalty hits 12....

    Step 7: Wait

    Wait 1 hour and 12 minutes while loyalty drops to 0.... then enjoy

    So this was the first method to kill a player of this standard.

    Second method:

    Step 1: Fun

    80k battering rams 10k catapults 10k ballistae with your best hero

    Step 2: Funny

    Point and laugh.

    Hope this helped any of our "rainbow warriors" out there to learn a little bit about battle mechanics, or at least sparked an interest to learn them. ENJOY!


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    Almost forgot......

    AFTER scoubombs kill archer #s down to about 20-40k left....send one final wave of 99,996 Archers and any other 4 units (just to keep them thinking rainbow is the way to go)

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    Sorry, I really don't mean to nitpick, and I do appreciate the post..


    War bombs are a cheap fast way to remove cav.

    A Rainbow, is the most efficient way to remove the foot soldiers.

    you'd waste far to many sword/pike using your method..and warriors..

    The price to rebuild these two units, at the rate you are going to lose them..completely outweighs 1 good archer attack..with a good hero.

    You could remove the entire cities defense with 2 archer attacks, or war spams and 1 archer attack...assuming you have a good hero - better then theirs..

    Also, always send layers with a cataphract attack..or cav attack.

    Never send 100K horseys dry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medic26 View Post

    You could remove the entire cities defense with 2 archer attacks, or war spams and 1 archer attack...assuming you have a good hero - better then theirs..

    Those 300k archer and 17k tower will wipe rainbow after rainbow, assuming 5k defenses are up-- you have to clear our range setters and reduce number of archers to below 50k before the above will work.

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    Agreed, also, you forget all those troops I said are produced faster than archers are. Ive attempted this and in true honesty it is cheaper....I have done the rainbow method, as well as the 10k archer 1k rainbow waves until they are dry, but to me archers are my babies. I lose enough archers farming 25 level 10's per day to waste them on clearing waves against a mediocre sized player. I just developed a new method to protect your archers, and more efficiently remove the troops...realistically you can send 5k waves of the pike and swords to clear most in about 10 waves with only 50k losses of each type. Another thing cataphracts will do the same amount of damage whether accompanied by any other troops... all the other troops are there for is to kill any remaining footsoldiers and/or traps left over from previous waves, as even a single troop would stop the phracts for one entire round causing them to fight instead of move, giving them much more time in the fire of the AT's before they start doing their job. One final note, the only 2 troops you can send in this case to attack with the phracts are scouts and cavs, because the phracts travel faster therefore attack before every other unit. Just like sending any units other than siege units with battering rams is POINTLESS, because everything travels faster and battering ramms are there to absorb damage from other units.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwcross View Post
    Those 300k archer and 17k tower will wipe rainbow after rainbow, assuming 5k defenses are up-- you have to clear our range setters and reduce number of archers to below 50k before the above will work.

    You obviously have no idea about the battle mechanics..

    Each Archer attack will do as follows
    Cav die first, then Cataphract.
    Pikeman, then Sword.
    Warrior and works last.

    I've whiped out over 290K Sword with one archer attack.
    Same as pikeman...

    A city with 55K cav, 290K sword, 270K pike, 100K wars...

    War bomb twice, cav practically gone..

    Archer attack, finish cav, kill off all sword..

    Arch attack again, killed off all pike

    Final archer attack, all wars gone.

    Removed trap and abatis during these attacks, phractsmack once gone.

    Tell me how many waves it takes to remove 290K sword, not using 1 big archer attack..then tell me its more efficient.

    And @Vice...

    You honestly don't know the mechanics..I say this to you not in a mean way.

    Ranged units attack other ranged units in range first.

    Sending 1 Archer with a catasmack, without a 5K defense, RESULTS in archer towers and archers and ballista attacking the archer. BEFORE they target the horseys.

    Google JAQ ATTACK...It tells you how to layer cav and catasmacks.
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    The best way to clear this is to send 2 waves of 25kwarriors,10kpike/swords/cavs,40karchers and 2k scouts,3k phracts. That will leave the traps and abs and then clear them with the annoying but effective 100/100 cav/scout in descending amounts keeping honor at or near 0. By this I mean decrease to 70/70,60/60,50/50 and so on until the traps/abs are gone. Once the archers and towers are left send an 85kcav/14kphract/1kscout wave and it will clear the archers.

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    Uhhh dude..

    No offense, but this doesn't teach any battle mechanics. Neither is half the stuff you said correct. Never, ever send 25/50/100k warriors to clear traps.

    With your attack strategy you are wasting millions of troops to take out 6-700k.
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    Please, there will never be a more efficient way of taking out infantry than a well layered archer wave. 90k archers with the proper layering can kill 400k pike, 300k swords or 800k warriors if you send a half decent hero.

    Sending infantry to kill infantry will never be more efficient because they will always be engaging one another, whereas archers can hit the infantry from distance and remain unharmed until the defending archers catch up.

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    Default In response

    Im not going to argue with you all about combat mechanics, or anything having to do with how many troops you may or may not lose throughout the process. All I can attest to is the fact that early on in servers and midway through this is a more efficient way to attack where alot of people do not have advanced heros like several of my members and other players, we have instant warriors is why we send warriors to clear traps, because its faster. I have 2 people in my alliance working on a new evony calculator and constantly doing research on these schematics. We have proven that for someone with the scenario shown aboves amounts of melee units that sending small waves of 5k pikemen to kill off cavs and cats as well as 5k swords to kill off the other footsoldiers is the best way overall to attack, for time building troops etc...any experienced player shouldnt find it too hard to find resources. Also if you dont like the other benefits honor gives you, during this process you lower your honor and raise theirs, as well as lower their loyalty along the way. We have gotten players loyalty to 12 from 100 in 30 seconds using this method (although this can be done many other ways) All I say is to each his own, this is nothing more than a NEW attack strategy, sorry for putting combat mechanics in the title. On a lighter of Totalwar on server89, do you know a player named Julie from South Africa? (Vudujuju is her name in my alliance) she was the vice of TW on 89.... just wondering. Anyways take care all, and happy hunting


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