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Thread: Evony Hardcore Server

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    Quote Originally Posted by valkerie View Post
    my idea is pretty simple

    1)x number of players on server
    2)alliances of 10 players
    3)people start with techs ready(to speed up the process)
    4)set ammount of resources
    so it will totaly depend on how a player uses them
    you need more resources? Plunder
    you need to level up your heroes? Fight
    agreeeddd :d

    By the amazing Luda

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    wow i just saw this thread now, i cant belive that this idea wasnt implemented. If it were i can only imagine the amount of players that wouldnt have quit this game, like myself, because it got too boring and repetive

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    It was until someone had to unsticky it.

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    Basically make an extreme high paced game.

    5 hours of begginers protection.

    Time acceleration(10-30 times faster then normal).

    10 people alliances.

    100-200 players on a small map. (50 by 50)

    no truces.

    no castle safety, if your troops and defenses are wiped out your castles burned and you are gone.

    30 minute window to start the server, if you miss it, you can play it in another few hours. (the game shouldnt last that long 5-12 hours)

    no facebook help.

    everyone gets 50k of each resource.

    end game is one alliance left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WN1 Hit View Post
    It was until someone had to unsticky it.
    I believe it was unstickied because they aren't planning [yet ... but hopefully ... >.>] to make a server like this. :/

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    I wonder how much people have to talk about it before it's finally created? I mean 27 pages, wow.
    Thanks WN1 Hit for the sig!

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    I read like the first 10 pages of this, and I was curious if there was a status on this. Anyone else want this hardcore server? April Fool's day got you going but you cooled off and forgot about it after that. There needs to be a twist in this game.


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