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Thread: FB making Age II more unbalanced than Age I

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    Quote Originally Posted by neko_lord View Post
    Yeah, it shouldn't be a popularity contest, nor should it be about who can make the most fake accounts and not get caught.
    And the others side of the fence are people who say "it shouldnt be about who pays the most or who sits up 24 hours a day"

    Either way evony cant win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neko_lord View Post
    As I've said, this company lacks integrity. I am not going to put my real name as any sort of "endorsement". I am not going to break the rules of Facebook and make a fake Facebook account so as to get an advantage.
    No one is asking you to break rules and if the game and company lack so much integrity, why you still here?

    Quote Originally Posted by neko_lord View Post
    If the boss is looking for justification to get rid of someone, most won't care what has to be done to get it done. Also if a person shows them something that they feel might bring embarrasment to the company, they won't hold that against them because they were "protecting the company image".
    If your doing something that would cause embarrasement to your company then you should be getting your prioitys right - job or whatever you doing. Common sense.

    If you boss is looking for a reason to get rid of you, playing an online game isnt going to make that much difference.

    Quote Originally Posted by neko_lord View Post
    I don't. The example was an "if", but I stated it in the context of having an account.
    Then if you dont have a facebook account, your not qualified to make comment.

    Quote Originally Posted by neko_lord View Post
    As for the "counter-challenge", starting out from a dead-heat is not the point and would be relatively useless to this conversation. This conversation is about an overwhelming advantage being granted to people for being Facebook users on Age II, and the disadvantage that people who don't have a facebook account or don't wish to publicize their facebook account have.

    People that wanted bots to "level the playing field" were told by myself and others to start over on new servers and compete that way. I've already "been there, done that" in regards to the whole new server thing. I didn't put in as much time, so I got my walls and troops wiped out 3 times so far. I didn't cry that it wasn't fair so I wanted a bot to make up for the time that I didn't put into the account on that server.

    The current incarnation of Facebook integration is such that it is a bot. Having a level playing field challenge on one of the Age I servers would do nothing to demonstrate the imbalance. Having you try to take me on when I have the advantage would demonstrate the imbalance.

    In case that was too wordy: Your counter-challenge has no point and no bearing on whether or not Facebooking causes a major imbalance with Age II vs. Age I.
    To put it im simple short words for you - your initial challenge was imbalanced but your challenge had nothing to do with issue, it was on the basis of smack talk where you admitted to already having 700k cataprhacts - very nice of you to give a two week saftey zone in which you could build up. Very honorable of you.

    If you want to challenge on smack talk, then challenge on that basis dont try and twist it later when your called back out yourself.

    One question - how did you get so many cataphract in such a short time? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    Hello I will be closing this To prevent further purported flaming until i get the chance to go over this thread in full. Until then please keep any threads you make after this civil and appropriate. As of right now i do not have time to go over this and catch everything that may need Catching.

    Thank you for your understanding - Bright

    Ok Heres the deal folks:

    - This thread has been derailed a few times
    - There are way to many personal attacks
    - The flaming is outrageous

    As such this thread will remain permanently closed unless a rep decides otherwise
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