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Thread: How do i unlink my Facebook Account

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    Default How do i unlink my Facebook Account

    I need to know how to unlink my Facebook account from my evony account. I'm very surprised that they did not add this feature from the get-go, I simply cannot understand why this feature is unavailable. It's also astounding to see that even after all the other threads I have seen regarding this, that no one from evony has even seemingly acknowledged it. Seriously evony, get your act together, lets get somesort of response.

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    Indeed, I would like to know how to do this as well. I've deleted my cookies and still it persists with the Facebook link. Frankly, I am tired of the constant messages to post to Facebook - they come at the rate every few minutes which is VERY annoying and disrupts the games immensely. So how do I get rid of it?!?!?!

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    I do I unlink my Facebook account...It is really annoying when the messages pop up every 10-15mins asking you to accept this and that and to ask your friends to help. Love the game but this part of the game really sux!!!

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    I haven't yet found a way to unlink it, but I find the pop-ups stop when you go into options and tick the box to hide the facebook bar, if you do this and they keep coming up just refresh and check the box again.

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    yah, I hit the link button now i can't even get into evony. What a piece of CRAP!!!!

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    I linked my acount and it linked me to the wrong server... how do i change this.. its a bit annoying that i can't send gifts greater than a civilian...

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    when i linked the account from facebook (wrong acct by the way) it said not to worry later we could change it in the account section on evony but i have yet to see this. be nice if someone from evony would even look at the forum and answer us.

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    Just posted this in another thread, looks like it might help here as well...

    Agreed there is no Unlink button, which might make things easier, might just be another way to screw things up.

    I have 2 FB accts, one just for Evony, other for 'real life'. To switch between them: from FaceBook, hit the dropdown under My Account > Logout. Then just log back in as your other self. If you also want to unlink Evony from your 'real life' FB acct, do it under My Account > Application Settings.

    Doesn't seem to have any impact on my eEvony game, except some of the annoying popups quit showing up.

    Hope this helps

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    Yes, I linked Evony to a Facebook account I now do not want to use. I have tried getting Evony to link to a newly created Facebook account, but it keeps telling me the Evony account is already connected to Facebook. Why can't we change this? The new account uses the same email as for my Evony account. I just don't want all the Evony traffic ending up on my real life Facebook page, but do want to be able to link to alliance members. I sure would appreciate a fix for this.

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    Default I too would like to know how to unlink FB

    It is just not worth the trouble and I am sick of it I just want it to go away


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