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Thread: how to unlink facebook

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tovya View Post
    So, you've finally removed the app from your Facebook account, but how about linking a new "Evony dedicated" Facebook account to your Evony account? Currently I keep getting that my Evony account is linked with another FB account. Fix for this yet?
    Looking for the same resolution here, too! I wanted Evony exclusive new FB account linked to current Evony account, but I can't figure it out! I think Evony needs to be able to sign in with single Evony ID number, and then if we want link FB, link FB manually from account management instead of assigning new ID with each FB account. I'm pretty sure many people are having the same problem!

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    I'm having a similar problem. I decided to delete my FB account and start again with it. I figured that it would be easier than individually going through each friend and application that I no longer want. All my friends details are in my address book so I could easily send requests from the new account.

    All was well until I tried to link Evony to my new account!!!!!

    It shows me that it's linked to the new account (from within the Evony account settings) but whenever I try to accept a gift or accept troops from FB it only offers me the option of sending them to na14. I wouldn't mind if I was on na14 but I'm on na4.

    Also, if I 'Log in with Facebook' it only offers me na14. I have to log in with my Evony account, then it shows me that it's linked with my new FB account!!!

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    Yep, I'm having the same problems. Is this ever going to be fixed?

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    Any updates to this?

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    I am also having the same problems

    I linked my old FB acount with my Evony, then created a new FB account and removed the app from my Old FB Account.

    But Evony is still linking it with my old FB account.

    This is a BUG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get it fixed.

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    Default Facebook

    Is there a way to unlink my Facebook account and link it to another? Without having to create a new evony account?

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    No. The best you can do is to remove the Evony app from your facebook and block it which will stop the spam. However it will still be linked and you can not link your Evony account to another.

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    Default UNLINK FACEBOOK h o w

    when i created a FB account just for evony it automated an evony acccount random.

    how do i unlink that and connect with my evony account??

    ive tried deleting the evony app in FB, in the account settings theres a place to link.

    it keeps saying its already linked to to the FB account i deleted it from.

    what others have said......

    Ok, first I?m having the same issue as a few others, I cannot unlink my FB account from my Evony account so that I may link a new FB account designated to Evony with my account. Very annoying and frustrating.

    There is no way to unlink your facebook account in evony. The wrong facebook account got linked to my evony account and i tried changing to the correct account. I was able to unlink the account in facebok but now no account is linked perod. It just says that the evony account is linked with ?facebook account:? and nothing afer. When you try linking any account it says that the evony account is already linked with another fb account.
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    1. Log onto Facebook
    2. Click Account
    3. Application Settings
    4. Remove Evony as an Application

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    "ive tried deleting the evony app in FB, in the account settings theres a place to link."

    i did that

    the app is not there in my new FB account. BUT when i try to link my evony account to it it says that deleted one is still there. even after refreshing.
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