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Thread: "Incorrect Account or Password" error

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    It's a broad ban. If they feel you farted, and they didn't like the smell, you get banned.
    If you've excelled, but stopped paying money into their system, you get banned.
    If you tried AGE II, but didn't leap over there when it went "live" (hahahahaha), yup, you guessed it, you get banned.
    If you dare criticize them about their lack of response, you get banned.
    Of course, if you say nothing, well you must be doing something wrong, so you get banned too.

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    The thing is a fair proportion of people actually pay to play this game and as such they would excpet some kind of customer service but instead they get shafted, even the Mods and Liasions are avoiding addresing the masses so really there is not an awful lot we can do.

    Already emailed 5 mods and liasons, PM'd 3, sent 4 emails to Evony themselves, billing and escalations with not one single line of response back.

    Totally and utterly unaceptable but there are no other courses of action we can take! Damned if you do, damned of you still do.

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    Default same,same

    same is happening on ss5 haven't been able to log in in 3 days no tech support

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    I wanted to bump this thread because I was just reading through the Age II poll thread of "Are we moving in the right direction" -- I saw this issue mentioned in there, and MUCH to my dismay and disappointment, I saw an Evony Representative stating that if someone is receiving this error, that they might want to try resetting their password if they have forgotten it.

    Evony, please... for crying out loud, look through the mass number of pages, the number of servers which this error is affecting. A bug DOES exist, and the "Incorrect Username / Password" error typically loads NOT from the login screen but from the loading screen, after you have selected the server upon which you play.

    If it was in fact a genuine Incorrect Username/Password, I would hope that it would be giving that error message when they are entering their username and password, not AFTER they have already entered it and had it accepted.



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