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  • Plan A - You decide whether to stay in Age I or transfer to Age II

    3,470 28.90%
  • Plan B - Keep your Age I account on all servers, and a duplicate account in Age II. All your lords will be copied from all servers.

    8,535 71.10%
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Thread: Evony Age I to Age II player transfer options - Vote and be heard!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valkirah View Post
    We are in the process of building the capability to do so, and we will announce once it is completed!

    Is there a timeline that you can release to us.

    I only ask that we get more notice then 24 hours

    Thank you

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    all i want to know is, HOW TO MOVE THE ACCCCCCOUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTTTTTTT????????????? ????????????????
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRanger View Post
    all i want to know is, HOW TO MOVE THE ACCCCCCOUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTTTTTTT????????????? ????????????????

    Answer you can't Yet

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    i think we should transfer to age 2 keeping all stats

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    The voting options provided by Evony is really good but playing on multiple servers or with multiple accounts is sometimes become tiresome job.
    This game needs concentration & time-consuming and if you are active in chat room then this game will keep u busy all the time u stay online.

    In my opinion either play in Age I or permanently move to Age II.
    Evony team will take care of you account & its belongings.

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    i like it but do we get to choose which world we go to if we r not in an alliance cause i really do want my other accounts with the alliance im in in evony 2

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    This thread may be dead now not sure. But am finally going to say somethign about this. Lots want to perm move and others want copied lords. Well to be honest its best to do the copy, that way if you do not like age2 or age1 you can quit one of them. Same goes for those that say transfer cus to much time involved with 2 lords.. true but then which age do you want.. wont know unless you give it a try by copying your stuff over first. Other than that at least they give us option to vote and hopeully go by what we want and not where the most money can be made at. That is all I gotta say bout that'


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    The point of this is that they are doing what we want. Option B is more popular so that's what is being done.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alusair View Post
    If you don't care enough to make yourself understandable, don't be surprised if others don't care enough to try to figure out what you're trying to tell them.

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    Thread closed!



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