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Thread: Week I Improvements and Changes (closed) Please Check Week 2 Improvements in CS forum

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    The game was released far too early and whilst strides have been made to improve things, it is, from what I gather still littered with mistakes and bugs. The decision to open so many AGE II servers so quick is also a bad one as all the servers are littered with inactives

    It also it seems has become a burden on customer support as there are so many issues/complaint/queries getting reported an none are getting answered.

    AGE II has so much potential but is reaching none of it.
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    I voted no.

    Not that it's not moving in the right direction, the decision to take this live was way to early. The way i see it you are making money from a betaversion of the game.

    If i was evony i would stop releasing more servers untill you're done with tweaking, improving and fixed all the bugs.

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    In my personal opinion, Evony is going great lengths to help us players get to a leve where as many of us as possible are satisfied with an original game.

    There aren't that many companies that I can think of that do this...

    Personally, the only thing that I can see hindering the Age II at this point is the attack/colonize button.

    They fixed the Facebook stuff, the medals, the bugs, pretty much the whole variety of things that many of us players that have been calling out for so far.

    I vote yes. Yeah, there are kinks, but when I look at the whole picture it's good indeed...
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    Thanks Evony team

    my problems with facebook connection and login seem to be resolved following maintenance on na2 on 8 April


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    Default Coins

    I think it's great that you guys fixed all that stuff but what do i do when the billing department just screwed me around?!?! They are saying they delivered the coins but with the bugs they got erased after i went to bed that night?!?! Along with my prestige, all research at the academy and so on. I'm really frustrated right now.

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    New bug to report, after the last Fixing i have lost the ablity to click on my city tab to get to my resoruce fields and 1/2 the time my map wont load. This is happening on server na3.
    i have tryed to reload page and i can click on them 1 time and then its back to reloading so i can do it agine when i need to go thier

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    I vote no...with all this fix yes atleast they do something but what the point the game is too lag and when they do maintenance its takes 2+hours and when can log back the game is unplayable the map is frove sometime the building bar is froze...

    fixing something is good but it will turn other way round when what is being fix cant be use fully.....
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    Why weren't all the bugs fixed in beta?

    While we corrected the major bugs that we were aware of in the Age II Beta, release environments are never quite the same, and as new features are added, new bugs can be introduced. We are working to rapidly identify and fix these bugs as they appear. As Age II progresses, bugs will become less frequent and we'll be able to get them corrected faster.
    I too voted "no", not because the improvements / fixes aren't a move in the right direction, but because you released a product that had major fatal flaws in it. Even if you claim that there were "very few" people who got stung by the resets / resource production issues, or very few that were able to use exploits / flaws to gain significant advantages over others, those things should've been caught in beta.

    The problem is, you do not add features post-"beta" without running them through a test again. That's what you did with most of the Facebook linkage. You do not "beta" a product that is not "feature complete". That violates every single rule about software release cycles, particularly when you know you're going to be attempting to make money from customers who will use the software in question.

    You also had many, many, many people telling you that the star system was / is very buggy.

    So, yes, the changes are good, but there should not have been a rush to get the product out the door, and I feel that voting "yes" just gives an incentive to do the same thing again in the future (not that voting no stops it, get my point...)
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    the post to my vote of no, to meny bugs, server gets way to laggy, all the things on inactive players that willbe flagged and deleted has not happened, they say they are going to do they things for us that dont happen but expect ppl to play by the rules? This kinda reminds me of where i work at, the ppl incharge say they will do all sorts of things for us, but when it comes time to do it, it dont happen leaveing use to ask more questions and start to rebal aginst what they say, heck if u want i will even apply to be a mod and help u out.

    And the log in bug that makes u lose population and stuff is still not fixed just seen someone say they lost all thier stuff just a few min befor this post, also going to stop here cause i can go on with sevral others that are happening all the time, unless uwant me to go on.
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