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Thread: not loading

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayuki View Post
    yeah i had my tax at 100%

    same here.. now i have aggravated problems now.
    loy needs to be regain, ASAP

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    I've been trying to get on server 91 for at least two hours

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    Default 84

    still on lockout from 84....
    Server 84

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    i still cant load server na8 either. Wish i had of kept my $5.00 yesterday. All servers on both evony and evony 2 are like this and i put a lot of money into the old evony. What a waste.

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    Please!! Age 1 and Age 2 I can't log in. I have to get into Age 1. My troops are going into refuge!!!

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    i still cant get on 139

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    some have logged in already, but why can't i?

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    server is up

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    I just got into na8

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    Im getting the same 'incorrect account or password' message,on ss4 age 1 for the last week. it takes up to 40 minutes to log on! This is getting annoying now evony, not only for me - but for thousands of players who have only experienced this since the start of age 2 - the same players who have been paying your wages for the past year. some people want to stay with age 1 so why you are not fixing this is beyond me! ive cancelled my autocents as i am not going to pay money to a company that forgets its most loyal customers. i wont be playing age 2 either, and wont be recommending evony to any of my frieinds.


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