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Thread: New Customer Service system in place, improved response time, and satisfaction survey

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    Well, we will know soon enough if the new system works better. I had an issue I reported yesterday on the old system - got the auto response and nothing else so far.

    So I just submitted it again on the new system. At least it does have a tracking feature so you can tell if anyone has even looked at your problem. I like that part - much better than being left to wonder if they even see your message or just ignore it.

    Now we'll see if it gets fixed any faster...

    PS - the issue is non-reciept of the Beginner's Package. I'm on my 4th day on NA8 (still in the BP period), and bought the $30 pack yesterday. I got the coins and the Easter pack, but no Beginner's Pack - which is very frustrating because the resource boost it gives you is the whole reason I spent that money.

    All I'm asking them to do is to give me the Beginner pack I paid for (they could take the Easter pack back if they want - I didn't even know about it and never asked for that one).

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    Quote Originally Posted by apopthis View Post
    So thats great...but what about the server stability and bugs? These are things that greatly need improved as well. It is getting to the point where people are getting kicked off every hour on na1. It has been down more hours then it has been up in the last 36 hours. A simple explication would be great or even a update...or notice saying "hey we are working on this...this server will be down for a bit, we are hoping that it will fix this and this"

    Talking to your customers is the first step in great customer service...not taking things down and hoping the code doesn't get all messed up.
    Quote Originally Posted by aLk View Post
    i feel sorry for anyone working in customer service for evony. Lets face it the coders should be on here answering questions as to why age 2 has so many major issues which were supposedly fixed but are still happening. Add to that the "daily maintenance" which happens upto 3 or 4 times a day. Take it back to beta and getting it working would be a much better idea than mucking around with paying customers.
    Quote Originally Posted by IamDRAMA View Post
    sounds great! Thanks for working on those issues. I am going to hold off on voting though, I feel my vote might be best applied when and if the day comes that I need to test the new system.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenwings View Post
    Hmm ... honestly this is a good step in the right direction for the Evony team, one of the better ones I've seen recently.

    However ... I'm reserving my vote and see how well the CS ticket system will work out for everyone. CS (Customer Service) as Evony's priority still remains to be seen when and if the new portal/ticketing system really performs to relative CS (Customer Satisfaction) standards.

    (But yes, my mouse pointer is very near that first option.)
    Everything I planned on saying, has already been said. Thus I am also waiting to vote until I can see just what this new CS system actually does, as opposed to what its supposed to do, being as the two can be significantly different.
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    Do we need to resubmit our CS requests?

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    In a year of playing, I have never had Evony solve one of my problems and I have never had any lost items replaced. But I'll withhold judgement on these latest 'NEW AND IMPROVED' changes. But at least with AGE2 I don't have to worry about a sever merge over Christmas holidays screwing things up like the server 15-16 merge. It would have been nice for Evony to respond to our complaints back then instead of forcing everyone to choose between time with their families or saving months worth of gaming. It wasn't a tough choice, Evony sure showed their compassion and concern for the players big time! (sarc off)

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    umm, would be nice if a response was given, have sent 4 emails regarding not getting beginners package..oh, and still no package

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    about 1000 people have posted complaints about not being able to attack anymore and evony has posted no repy on this subject. Boo

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    Is it possible to use a key from E1 and open chest in age2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slade359 View Post
    about 1000 people have posted complaints about not being able to attack anymore and evony has posted no repy on this subject. Boo
    Because they dont want "bullies" in the game anymore
    They thought it was a better system and they are wrong. I think they are just hoping the situation will go away and they wont have to deal with it. But hey what do I know.

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    I put in a request to get my happiness package, since it never showed up, until it shows up I am not too happy. Hopefully they'll give me a response.

    Still waiting. . .

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    I also am going to hold off on my vote. I would like to see just how it plays out.. I may be lucky my server doesnt seem to be having issues... or maybe i am missing them... I will say this.. It seems to be a huge step in the right direction..
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