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Thread: Yet Another Medal Farming Guide

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    Default Yet Another Medal Farming Guide

    Medal Farming

    Medal farming is a term for engaging in activities that will predictably yield medals on a recurring basis. Medals are used for upgrading your rank and are one of the more difficult items to farm for.

    Medal farming is most successful by doing the following:

    1. Acquire all the valleys you can with the level of your town hall. This is equal to the level of the town hall.

    2. Then scout all level 7-10 valleys/flats* around you. Ignore any that have archers and cavalry (unless it only has one or the other, explained later**). Then attack the valleys without archers or cavalry with archers.

    3. Hit them once per hour. (The time it takes for the troops to regenerate)

    (If you do, you'll have to abandon it, and different troops will spawn. Also, be aware of the server check. The valleys will level up, spawning new troops as well.)

    Below is a list of what type of valleys are more likely to give certain medals:

    Rose Medal: Flats, lakes (then swamps and grasslands)
    Freedom Medal: Swamps
    Honor Medal: Forests, hills
    Cross Medal: Flats, grasslands
    Justice Medal: ?
    Lion Medal: Grasslands, Deserts
    Nation Medal: ?
    Courage Medal: Forests, Hills
    Wisdom Medal: Hills

    ~The previous list is only a general idea. A medal of any type can be gotten from any valley, but the certain valleys give certain medals more often.

    Other info:

    *The reason why you attack level 7-10 valleys/flats is because it?s the 3rd stage of valley growth. It is determined by the size:

    1st stage: level 1-3

    2nd stage: level 4-6

    3rd stage: level 7-10

    ~The lower the valley level, the lower your chances are at receiving a medal from it.

    **If the valley has purely archers, you may attack them with cavalry, and receive nearly 0 losses. Just send 1 scout along.
    e.g. 15k cavalry and 1 scout Vs. 8k archers, only your scout will die.

    **If the valley has cavalry (other troop types, except archers, are also acceptable), send one ballista along with your archers (make sure you send lots of archers, 30k+ usually, or you will suffer losses) and one swordsman and pikeman. The siege machine will slow down your army long enough to kill while suffering no casualties. Thanks Webby189.


    The number of troops you encounter do NOT affect your chances of receiving a medal. You have the same chances of receiving a medal killing 2k swordsman compared to 30k warriors.

    You do not have to attack each valley with a set number of archers.
    e.g. you could send 10k archers to a valley with 6k warriors and 25k archers to one with 6k warriors and 12k pikeman. (number may vary depending on your research)

    However, if you wish to farm valleys for extra resources, 30k archers should be sufficient to carry back everything.

    Hope this works as good for you as it did for me. Happy Hunting! =]
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    If I accidentally left something out, please let me know. Other than that, Enjoy!

    I don't care if you don't like it...I DO!!!

    Originally posted by Koga
    Thinking hard before doing something 'hurts', not thinking at all will hurt even more.

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    One more thing.
    If you are attack a valleys that has no archers, but has cav and less than 3 other troop types add a ballista to your layers for no losses
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    Tip - if you see an all archer valley, send the same amount of cavs as there is archers + 1 scout

    For example; level 10 grassland has 6400 archers...
    Send 6400 cavalry and 1 scout, you will just lose the 1 scout

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    Thanks for the tip R33C3, but I already got that one.

    I don't care if you don't like it...I DO!!!

    Originally posted by Koga
    Thinking hard before doing something 'hurts', not thinking at all will hurt even more.

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    what type of valley and lvl can i get a cross medal?

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    Medal drops respawn faster than the troop rates. It's possible to get medals from the same valley six minutes apart.
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    denzelle, that info is in the guide.

    Medal rates do not "respawn". Every time you attack something, you have a chance at receiving a medal...or an item. The challenge is trying to take full advantage of the drop rate. So of course it is possible to get a medal 6mins after another, but valley spamming is not very effective in most cases.

    I don't care if you don't like it...I DO!!!

    Originally posted by Koga
    Thinking hard before doing something 'hurts', not thinking at all will hurt even more.

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    I got four medals all from the same lvl 10 Lake:

    Two Lion, One Honor and One Rose.
    I got them hitting the valley on the hour every hour. My TH Valley's were full and I did not take the valley. I also did not scout the valley on subsequent hits. I hit this valley a total of 12 times and got these 4 medals.

    Good Luck,
    Blksheep Server 139

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    Works for me on Age II. Yesterday, I launched 48 attacks, hitting the same level 7 valleys 1 hour apart. Scored 7 Lion, 4 Honor, 6 Courage, 2 Lost Armor Scripts, 2 Mike Scripts, 2 Amulets, 1 Iron Ore, and 1 Speaker.

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