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Thread: Wolves - Franconia

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    Default Wolves - Franconia

    Founder/Leader: Sp0tter
    For diplomacy: Sp0tter, Neorab, Belieu
    To be invited and or accepted into the Wolves you can mail one of the following people: Sp0tter, Neorab, Belieu, Raul

    We are the Wolves of Evony, and our name speaks for itself. We take what we need/want. Our allies are held dear and always have our support.

    Our alliance is made up of players from many Age 1 servers, We are experienced and many of us have helped make there A1 alliances top 10 ranked. If one person in the alliance cant answer your question someone else will be able to.

    There currently is no prestige limit, the server is still young. We can teach you to be a effective Evony lord as long as you are willing to learn. Or you can come and help us teach some new comers while we pursue our goal of being ranked in the top 10.

    We have a recently made forum/site/wiki as well. Though it is still being completely filled.

    Our Rules:
    1) Once in our alliance you must register on our site.
    2) You must fly our flag "Wolf"
    3) You must not have a vulgar or randomized Lord name (Such as Lord4564798189)
    4) You must teleport your main city into Franconia

    Thank you for taking the time to read what i had to say and we look forward to meeting all new recruits. Lets kick some A** together.

    Kyle Belieu
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    Wolves is dead. Despite the big talk, every member and host is colonized by Storm, OAF, and Bigdawgs.

    Still, these alliances could use more colonies, so consider joining. You too can be a colony.

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    **** of franconia =)

    Take from them everything and give them nothing


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