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Thread: Still cant log in

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    Can't get into any Age1 Servers....

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    this is a joke everything was fine till they did security maintenance this morning, now i cant login at all, stuck on PLEASE WAIT LOADING, and yeah ive tried firefox and explorer and chrome and still no luck, i quit the game 2 months ago cus of all these problems and only came back 7 days ago, HERE WE GO AGAIN, what a joke

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    same problem cant log in to server 107 and 141

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    cant log in @ home, but earlier managed to log in from office ( this after 1 day of server error). and when i farm an npc5 earlier, all my ballistas n trans were butchered. this combi u used for thousand of times without losses. but earlier, all dead... darn

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    I also can't login (server 125)

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    Quote Originally Posted by reldra20 View Post
    And have about 80 players to watch over. YOU go watch YouTube or play the farm game or whatever it is you do....but a lot of people take this seriously. Which I believe Evony wants, as well.

    You go and watch funny cats on you tube or something.
    Okay, first, I enjoy the kittens on Youtube. The farm game is Farmville, and what I do seems to fall into the category: "More than you do."

    Second, you PAY to play a free game? You know where that money goes, right? Ah, but there's no talking to a that takes a MMORTS "seriously".

    You just go right ahead and enjoy wasting away for the benefit of , , and the rest of the gang from .

    Get over it, get over yourself, get outside for a change.
    As for me? I'm going back to my real life.


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