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Thread: Still cant log in

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    Default Still cant log in

    i still cant log in to server 107
    please fix the server my troops will die in starvation

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    Default i cant log in

    i cant log in to wn1 server please my all my city have no food please

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    the problem occur over a day now cant log in to server 107 and 141

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    107 and 141 are both working fine, the problem may be your connection or your account. What error or message do you get when you try to login? Can you login other servers?

    edit - I guess I shoulda asked, is it a constant thing? Like you can NEVER log in, or is it a sometimes thing where logging in works and then later doesn't? The sometimes thing seems to be plaguing every server, it's very annoying and I wish they'd fix it.. at least it's been less on ss25 lately than it was last week :s
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    Yeah screw this. I've been having difficulty logging in for the past days. It's time to bail this stupid game. I can log in to other server except for s6

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    Default me too cant loggeg in

    please fix the connection
    we cant log in our accounts.....
    our enemy will attack us...for sure
    and our troops will be refuge

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    yes i can log in to other server ss9
    only 107 and 141 which i cant log in how my connection is the problem when i even try in a cafe not only one but in different location also but same result and also im not the only one having problem to server 107 and 141
    the msg is "connection error please refresh page"

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    I also have not been able to log in today (have been trying for hours). I'm probably getting refuges atm.

    When I try to login I don't get any kind of message box, I just get the spinning sphere that says "Loading.."

    Have already tried clearing cache and stuff. I've tried multiple different browsers. I've even tried different computers. Nothing works. Have also tried through both and

    This is server 125 I'm talking about, server 141 loads fine for me.

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    i cant get in ss7

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    plssssssssss fix this problem as soon as possible...na3 and 89 server.


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