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    What are tributes paid and how do I get rid of it or at least minimize its effects. Thanks

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    Good question and a shame there's no answer.
    I'd like to know too as its costing me a shed load in resources.

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    Tributes are 10% of your resources. You can stop this by setting all resource production to 0.

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    And you pay it out only if you are someones colony

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    It would seem that someone has colonized one or more of your cities, so they now own 10% of your resource production of all types.

    Yes, shutting down all production is one way to avoid paying the tribute. But doing that hurts you as well, since you will have no resources with which to make troops or upgrade buildings, etc.

    The other way is to uprise against your suzerain and win - thereby throwing off the chains of oppression and getting your 10% back. This, however, is not so easy, as it means building an army of at least equal size to the one your suzerain has in order to defeat him/her.

    Good luck, whichever way you choose.

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    How would one begin an uprising? How do I find out who I am paying truibute to? Thanks for your responses.

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    I don't think it's 10%. I have two colony cities. If I do the math, it doesn't come out to 10%. For example, if I look on the resources grid when I click on my colony city, it shows the following.

    Colony city #1 produces 730 food per hour. Colony city #2 produces 2,560 food per hour. If I take 10% from each of those figures, the total amount I should be collecting for food tributes is 329 per hour, but it shows that I am collecting 1,359 food per hour.

    Another example, Colony city #1 produces 9,712 lumber per hour. Colony city #2 produces 2,700 lumber per hour. Again, if I take 10% from each of those figures, I should be collecting 1,241 in lumber tributes per hour, but it shows that I am collecting 1,861 lumber per hour.

    I'm wondering, does the 10% come from your base production rate or your total production rate with all the buffs and technologies added in. And when you click on your colony city, in the resources grid, is the production rate you see only the base rate or the rate paired with all the buffs and technologies? Because clearly in the above examples, i'm collecting more than 10% of their resources. But if the rates shown in the resource grid are only the base production rates, and you collect 10% from the total production rate, then that might explain it.


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