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Thread: The Great Facebook Thread

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    Bring amulets to facebook again it was wrong and unfair for the people who use fb and it didnt make people feel like they needed to use fb because they still feel like that

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    I'd like to see some changes in the gifting and/or clicking. It would be nice to get corselets like we can get war horns and/or penicillin. More interesting weekly gifts would be a great idea, but I dunno if it's even able to be implemented via Facebook.
    I'd like to see some other minor convenience items available that I'm sure people don't buy (hence wouldn't affect Evony's sales). For instance, being able to click to get civil codes would be great to get population back up. Clickable or giftable war ensigns would make me fall in love again <3 Other things could be clickable/giftable speakers, tea and/or maybe something that gives a random strat? Just some ideas.
    It would also be helpful (but not overly damaging to Evony's profits) if we could post something to generate random teleporters. It would work in the same way as penicillin... 10 clicks gets the person 1 random tele.

    Fixes: When you accept a gift, about half of the time it doesn't disappear. Then when you click it again it says "You have already accepted this gift." A minor, but fairly constant annoyance Also, I'm not sure if this is able to be implemented, but having a counter somewhere to tell you how many gifts you've accepted, how many clicks you've done/received would be hugely helpful. In a similar vein, when someone maxes out clicking on a gift, that gift should not be consumed.

    Well, maintenance is over now so I can go back to playing the game

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    My suggestion is drop the Face book marriage. It is a pain in the but always having the posts pop up. Linked with FB also creates a lag. I usually log to post my HNM, send gifts. then I log out and log in though Evony. If Evony drops FB just give us players a "natural" 50% buff if we log daily with in 24 hours. Make the wheel a little nicer for gifts. There you go no more FB!

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    Facebook is a great source of irritation to most Evony players. It forces people to open facebook accounts that are basically fake because they don't want Evony peeps looking at their personal facebook for obvious security reasons, personal threats made against them being the most popular reason. However the way you guys have made the game impossible to play without the 'Hungry No More' that takes away half of your food consumption puts non-facebook players at major disadvantage. The visit your ally and get a resource pack is great for people able to use facebook but again, creates a massive disadvantage to the people unable to use its services.

    If you did a get rid of facebook or keep face book poll i would be interested to see the outcome.

    How can your guys (EVONY DEVELOPERS) stand to see how Facebook are controlling you. As it stands right now, no one can play evony age 2 without facebook, they own you, they control you. I am sure it is a simple matter to make it possible for players to send gifts IN game rather then via facebook or simply reduce the food consumption rate by half that will solve the HNM problem. or create a simple site of your own to enable gift sending that people can join. I personally have had enough of the way FACEBOOK are controlling us Evony players, its time to get rid of it all together. Make a Poll and see what other people think.

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    Get rid of facebook - that's got my vote. Simples

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    I don't know if this has already been suggested, but I don't have the time or patience to look through 21 pages of suggestions...
    Is there any way to make it that we can accept all of our requests on Facebook at once?
    I keep on seeing the same one over and over, and it doesn't refresh after accepting the gift.

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    There should be a way to unlink my Facebook account from Evony.


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