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Thread: PROPOSED GAME CHANGES: Requesting player feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by OGKILLAH View Post
    Shallow end and deep end are usually in the same pool right? or according to your metaphor the same server? Above your saying you want separate servers for crap players and good players. so I dont understand.
    Also rather than have different servers why not give n00b players a longer beginners protection period. Make it two weeks until they can start colonizing or be colonized. Make it one month until they can start attacking or be attacked. Evony isnt rocket science so i dont see the need treat players as babies.
    I mean same server.

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    As it stands right now, there no point in colonizing anyone, I'v been saying this for months, you lose much more colonizing someone, and suppressing them then tribute pays for, ether add attack or don't, no point in having a portion of a server not playing the same game, if they must then make a carebear server, and allow all the farmville players to transfer to said server... keep in mind that if they don't add an attack option on the earlier age2 servers these servers will bleed players regardless of if they have spent money on the server or not. This may infact be what the developers want, they think that all the ppl that want an attack button will just jump to the new server, and buy more cents? I can honestly say I won't be restarting on any new servers, and if attack doesn't come, I will end up quiting not b/c I want to, but just b/c theres nothing to do, wars nvr end with colonization only, and like I said, colonizing ppl is pointless, atm I only colonize inactives, and set suppression to zero right away. You can't even really call it PvP, when you don't have a real winner, or loser in conflicts, or wars.

    But yeah having two different styles of gameplay on the same server is beyond idiotic. Clearly the biggest problem would be that the ppl in colonize mode would have very few ppl to play with, even if it was 30% of the server that stayed in that mode(which I think is probably higher then what it would really be), they would get bored, and would try and start fights with conquest mode players by doing stuff like stealing vallys, these activity's as I see it, couldn't change game type status, b/c if it did change say a colonized player to conquest then conquest players could take advantage of this, and would no question, if it didn't then colonized mode players could, and would try and start fights by forcing conquest mode players to play in the carebear mode playstyle, which as I said earlier is pointless, b/c tribute is never worth what you lost to colonize a city, yet alone hold it during suppression. Ether way one mode would be taken advantage of when it came to vally's. You really can't have the two type of modes on the same server, it just won't work. If your really not into PvP, and just like the idea of building a city, and troops, and have fights with ppl , but never really win, or lose anything, then there should be a server just for those ppl, the rest can play on PvP server's. If your saying you want to have alittle bit of both, then have a 2nd account on a carebear server, or on a PvP server, the reality of it is, you'll have a much better experience if everyone around you is playing by the same rule, and to ask to be playing by different rules on the same server is just selfish.
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