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Thread: Ally link not correct server

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    Default Ally link not correct server

    I have added people to me ally list however 2 of them are not linked to the correct server.


    Every player in my ally list is on server na5, however 2 of the allies when i click on go to there kingdom it sends me to server na4. They never even played on na4 so i get the message that there is no charecter created on that server.

    I have removed them and re added them a few times and still the same problem and it is always server 4.

    Does anyone know how to fix this??

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    I have an idea, although its mostly random thought.

    Try having them login to na5 through the Evony home page.
    Then have them go to their facebook accounts and log in again using that. Then you refresh your page and see if it works.

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    ill give that a try later and see what happens


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