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    On server 86 we have loads of inactive people that have been inactive for over 2 months. I know of some people that have been inactive since the beginning of the year. And I would like to know if it is possible to get rid of some or all of these players. As all they are doing is taking up room for people to put npc's down or port into other states to fight or to move a city into our state. Could something be done about this ???

    Thanks in advance .

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    If they are in an alliance they wont ever be deleted unless something is changed. Also the same situation with people who ever spent money on their accounts.

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    evony needs to do a sweep and it will clear out inactives that qualify. idk how to get them to do that but maybe try clicking the "contact us" button.

    Inactive Account Rules


    Currently there are a few problems with inactive accounts persisting indefinitely. These cities congest the game world and present easy targets for nearby players. For these reasons, we are going to start deleting inactive accounts. Here is how accounts will be flagged as inactive:

    Accounts with less than 100 prestige will be flagged inactive after 3 days with no login.
    Accounts with between 100 and 1000 prestige will be flagged inactive after 7 days with no login.
    Accounts with more than 1000 prestige are subject to being flagged inactive after 60 days with no login. We are not currently marking these accounts inactive, but we may do so in the future without further notice.
    In addition, accounts which have only one city, and that city has high grievance with 0 loyalty will be flagged as inactive after 5 days with no login.

    The only exceptions are accounts which have purchased Evony Cents. These accounts will never be flagged as inactive.

    All accounts which are flagged as inactive will be deleted during the daily maintenance period. If you do not want your account to be deleted, log in once in awhile! Our goal is to encourage players to battle and ally themselves with one another and that works better without the added congestion of dead/inactive cities.

    Thank you!


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