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Thread: Farming Level 5 NPC?s (barbarian cities)

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    Default Farming Level 5 NPC?s (barbarian cities)

    If you?re newer to the game, you may not know how to farm level 5 NPC?s (barbarian cities) for fun and, especially, profit ? with no troop losses.

    Why do it? You frequently plunder an outrageous amount of food, plus some other resources and you gain experience. Even if you don?t need all the food, you can sell it and buy lumber, iron and stone. And, if you farm correctly, you will have zero losses. The no-losses part is only guaranteed with level 5 or below NPC towns though ? so that?s what this guide focuses on.

    First, you need level 5 NPC?s near your cities so you don?t have to spend excessive time in traveling to attack them. You?ll be wanting to attack these once or twice a day, so it?s good to have them close.

    You can create your own NPC?s. Since we?re working on level 5 NPC?s, you have to wait until a flat near you is at level 5. (You?ve probably noticed that they go up one level each day and start again at 1 after they reach 10.)

    REQUIREMENTS. To create an NPC, you have to be able to build a city. (If you have the maximum number of cities you?re allowed, you can?t do this until your next promotion.) You can tell by placing your pointer over a flat; if the popup says ?Build City Available? you can build a city. You also have to have at least one Valley slot free to do this, so you may need to abandon a valley before you begin. Finally, you have to have at least one city with a minimum of 250 workers to build the new city. It does not have to be the same city you attack with; you just have to have the city with 250 workers selected when you hit Build City.

    Assuming you meet the requirements, you just attack and conquer the flat, and use the Build City option. Once the target city has finished building, name it, recall your troops and then abandon it. You have to have a city other than the target city selected to do this: Select another city, click Overview, then Cities, then abandon the target city. It will be become an NPC of the same level as the flat you conquered.

    If you can?t build a city, just ask others in the alliance to build an NPC for you. People in the alliance are happy to do this; you just need to coordinate regarding when the flat hits level 5.

    ATTACKING THE NPC. To attack the level 5 NPC city without losses, send a hero plus 350 to 500 ballistas and 500 transporters plus the required food. Do NOT send any other troops, including scouts. Your hero should have an attack level of at least 60 or you run the risk of losing. Your attack will hit the NPC town and return automatically. Once hit, it takes 8 hours for an NPC city to fully generate its resources. You can attack it earlier, but the payoff won?t be as great.

    That?s really it. Enjoy!

    --Father ?Barbarians At the Gates? Matt

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    uh... u dont speak of the techs required at all... not a very good guide.. u will lead the noobs to certain failure..

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    Default Suggestion

    this is a suggestion on the research u will need, u will need 2 upgrade military tradition 2 at least level 8 or higher and u will need archery level 7 or 8 at least 4 a level 5 NPC.

    Good hunting

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    heres a real npc famring guide.. good luck..

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