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    I have been colonized and would like to try an uprising. I tried the Town Hall interface and then clicked the valleys tab and there was no uprising button. Did I look in the wriong place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaberTooth321 View Post
    I have been colonized and would like to try an uprising. I tried the Town Hall interface and then clicked the valleys tab and there was no uprising button. Did I look in the wriong place?
    Go to the city that has colonized you and click it, there you will see a link to begin an uprising. Remember to scout them and open your gates or you will never win an uprising battle.

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    treat uprise as if it was a attack, it is in away, best part is enemy wall defense don't count in uprise
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    The thread linked in this post is useless. It has really no information on HOW to perform an uprising, other than a vague descriptor that follows what is in-game, and which is also equally useless.

    What, exactly, are the requirements for performing an uprising? Do you have to have a certain number of troops? Does the other player have to be in the same region as you, or within a certain distance? Is there a specific time period in which the uprising can be performed?

    What if you have plenty of troops and the uprising button doesn't exist, but your city is currently under the reign of a suzerain? The game states that the ONLY way to remove the suzerain's "control" is by performing an uprising, but the game isn't providing the option to do so.

    Does someone have USEFUL and PRECISE information on how this is done? Especially when the Valleys tab for the Town Hall does not have an Uprising option?

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    Ignore the thread and what is said in game. The way to initiate an uprising is as WillC says - go to the suzerain's city on the map and right click on his/her city A button comes up which says "uprise" and you click that.

    Now starts a 24 hour notice perod during which each side can raise troops. The troops who will fight the uprise battle at the end of the 24 hours are all the troops in the colony against the proportion of troops in the suzerain's city which he/she specifies in their suppression settings.

    There is no condition as to number of troops. You can initiate an uprising with no troops if you like.

    There is no condition as to where the suzerain city is or what region or distance. You do need to know where it is, though so as to be able to go there on the map and click on the city so as to access the uprise button. I think (but have not checked) that the cords for the suzerain are included in the report you get of the declaration of war (if there was one) and in the report on the colonisation battle but if I am misremembering then you just have to look for the city. It is unlikely to be a very long way away from your own.

    It is not true that the only way to remove the suzerain's control is by successful uprising. Three other ways are by you joining the suzerain's alliance; you joining an alliance with whom the suzerain's alliance is friendly; and by the suzerain voluntarily releasing you.

    It is irritating that the game contains wrong iformation about the uprise button. But it is a free game run on a shoestring so maybe we should be understanding. It is bit churlish to complain about a gift.

    If you decide to uprise make sure your gates are open (click on your rally spot). If you leave them closed none of your troops can get out to participate in the uprising battle and you will lose by default.


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