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Thread: Evony Age 2 - Wisdom medals

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    Default Evony Age 2 - Wisdom medals

    I have been consistently hitting lvl 5 NPc's looking for Wisdom medals as all the advice I have read says this is the way, yet I only ever get Courage and Freedom medals.

    Please let me know what you have used to get Wisdom medals in age 2, where and with what.


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    You most likely need to hit a different level of NPC if that is all your getting.

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    Wisdom medals drop from NPC 5s, but they are much more rare than courage or freedom, and NO this is not random, wisdom medals consistently drop less than other medals, now maybe someone from evony staff can explain to us why this is? I noticed the same thing with Honor medals, I found the first 5 fairly easy, and for the next 4 days of farming I haven't seen another one, also I would like an explanation for this as well. The shear numbers involved of valley and NPC hits goes beyond the random, I am guessing they must have lowered drop rates on certain medals.

    The big question is did they lower medal drop rates? And if they did would they say something?
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    same thing here , got all my honor medals in one day then spent over 48 hrs doing exactly the same thing to get 1 more , go figure .

    hunting the Wisdoms now so expecting same futile raiding .


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