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Thread: Newbie Guide on Colonization and Historical Cities! Short and Sweet...

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    Post Newbie Guide on Colonization and Historical Cities! Short and Sweet...

    Fun Facts:
    * This Guide is 888 words long!
    * This Guide is 5049 letters long!
    * This was made in less than 20 minutes! 0.o
    * I was high on caffeine!
    * Some additions from: Satan and Blazeroth


    Colonization is a new feature in the world of red bull, oops I mean Age II. There are no more worries for bullying and being attacked over and over. This is where colonization pops in.

    Some of you younger users are just special people may not completely understand what colonization may be, I'll give you the correct definition of the word:

    - A body of people living in a new territory but retaining ties with the parent state.

    In English terms, it is a group of settlers you send from your empire and they settle into another city that you have declared war on, you will use troops to fight against any guarding their city, also you will have to go through any troops they send from other cities.

    In technical view:

    Starting to Colonize -
    1. Scout the city before you colonize. (You need to know what you?re going against.)
    2. Once you have scouted, click "Colonize" on the selected city and use the troops you have created for attacking.
    3. Give the little city all you think is necessary, attack with what matches or exceeds the scouted troops in the city you wish to take.
    4. Well I would assume you have successfully colonized the city!!! Wrong. If you succeeded with the attack you know need to wait through an 8 hour suppression period. Aww...
    5. After this period you will have successfully colonized the city and you can now consume 10% on the cities resources from taxing them. You own their butts now.
    6. Once you are done all the troops you have sent to the city to be colonized will return and you will have your Colony for your own dirty deeds. I hope you?re proud of yourself.

    Defense against being Colonization -

    1. Before you "Officially" get colonized, that suppression period will give you time to defend against it.
    2. During this period you need to build defenses such as troops and OPEN YOUR GATES in the rally spot!
    3. If you have succeeded, you will not need to know about the second part below. Also, CONGRATZ! Your lucky.

    Uprising from being Colonized -

    1. When you have been colonized, you will need to "Uprise" to de-colonize your city.
    2. To do that you need to go to your suzerain's (the person who colonized you) city.
    3. Then you will click "Uprise", but before you do make sure to scout first, it will give you information on their troop's defenses so you can know on what you need to retaliate. (Be careful, the suzerain can take 10% of troops, resources and population from you every day, but only once every day.)
    4. If you succeed, you will no longer be colonized.
    5. After you are free from uprising or your suzerain releasing your city, there will be a 24 hour wait until your city can be colonized by someone. This is called ?Abandonment?. This also will happen right away if you become friendly with your suzerain or they join you current alliance you are in.

    *NOTE: Never and mean NEVER leave your gates closed, get some troops for defending, leave the gates closed leaves your city almost defenseless. Leave it open and have troops to defend, it is important. Also have wall defenses made*

    Abilities Gained from Colonizing a city: - Credit goes to: Satan

    You get 10% of each of their resource production.

    You can also deploy 10% of their population of their city to your city, Draft 10% of their highest numbered troop to your city, Disarm 10% of a specific branch of troops(you do not get these), or you can apply sow discord to all their heroes(which decreases loyalty by 30). You can do these things once a day.

    How many colonies can I get? - Credit goes to: Satan

    The amount of colonies you can have is based on your title. Ex. Knights can have 20 colonies per city for a total of 40 colonies. Barons can have 40 colonies per city, giving them a total of 160 total colonies.

    I have been colonized and now another lord is attacking me! Is he attacking me or my suzerain? Will he just take over the city, or will my army also attack? - Credit goes to: Blazeroth

    My understanding from experience is this, when being attacked by someone while already a colony to someone else, the first (colonization battle) will be fought by your wall defenses and your suzerain's troops (depending on suppression settings your suze has set). The second (suppression battle) will be fought by your own troops.

    Historical Cities:

    What are these you may ask? These are new little(BIG) cities integrated into Evony's Age II. Instead of just having cities levels 1 through 10, there are now cities with levels 12, 14, 16, and 18. These historical cities look very tough and they are very tough? be careful when you try to go up against these puppies.

    The cities basically give you a way to go over the old level 10 cap; you will have one of the strongest cities in the game. It is very useful when you want to work your way up.

    I am not going to take credit for some info in the link below, this was made by Satan and some of his friends, the info in the link is how many troops each city has and where and how to identify them:


    More Guides Soon!
    +Rep if you like it!
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    Good thread. o7
    Look for Heights in the RPG and story section

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    I never get why the Evony Forum have to mess up punctuation. Nice guide.

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    Thank you guys...

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    Default age2 is useless

    there is absolutely no point in playing it it just consumes a butt load of money

    rep if I helped

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    I don't quite get you, do you mean no point in playing Evony? It doesn't cost money unless you allow it. The game is completely free and will remain that way till the end of time!

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    Thank you for making this. I have just gotten colonized last night by some lvl 20 dude (I'm at lvl 7). I don't have loads of time to sit around and fortify my city and troops and such, which explains my low number.

    However, that doesn't mean that I want to be colonized. Especially by some lvl 20 So anyway, my gates have been closed since the day I opened my account. They shall be opened once the suppression ends. I have dropped my production to 0 and have started taunting him with spam.

    It will be a slaughter, but I'm not going down without a fight.

    I would appreciate any pointers from anyone out there. Thanks again.

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    Thanks for all the tips and statements guys! I really appreciate it!

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    australia ftw


    pretty nice guide man, +rep. i love it when some bigshot trys to colonize one of my lower cities and then i use my main city to colonize him. GG for all the citys looking the same, same name but a random letter at the front XD (good tactical thing)
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaoticjoy1 View Post

    Colonization is a new feature in the world of red bull, oops I mean Age II.


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