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    Hello all. I am somewhat of a newb, and I am trying to understand what a compact defence is. I did a search, but I got alot of threads talking about them and giving examples with tens of thousands of troops, but not explaining the philosopy of them. I was just wondering if someone could explain the pholosophy to me or point me to a thread that does this, then I could come up with my own CD instead of just copying someone elses, without understanding why they did what they did.

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    So a compact defence is a defence with no t/a/d so that the fight starts at closer range? Is that it?

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    ...with a big "shield" layer to protect your archers, yes thats pretty much it.
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    If you've watched the movie Troy, they show a good example during the first attack on the city. The foot soldiers hold the enemy at bay while the archers rain death with impunity.
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    Thanks guys and gals. That Troy example was a really good one thanks. So, then in your opinions, is a compact defence better than having alot of t/a/d's ?


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