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Thread: Comprehensive NPC farming Guide!

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    Talking Thnx

    Thnx for the help :

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    This thread is from 05 (may) / 09, so almost a full year ago, there have been NUMEROUS changes to the npc farming system since then. This guide should be 100% ignored as, although it was very useful and accurate at the time it was released and for a while afterwards, it no longer is useful at all and as one can plainly tell by reading replies, will cause massive losses if followed. Don't bump it again if possible (damnit I guess I am too, but to be fair it was already at the top, so that's my excuse!)
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    lvl 10 arch 2500 balls lost on lvl 7 npc

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    WTF ???

    I attacked NPC lvl 7 with 2300 ballistas and 1500 Trans, the result is all my balls and trans was dead . My archery is 9, HBR is 6 and MT 5. Anybody can tell me why ???

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    i have been using 500 basstilla and 400 trasporters and it has been working for me on lvl 5's

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    Smile NPC Farming Quide

    Absolutley GREAT help Whispering Death,

    I always keep a tab up of that NPC guide it is really helpful Thanks.

    I play on Sever 122 Lord Name 'DaOne'.

    Please contact me somehow I will DEFENITLY REPLY :comfort:

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    GREAT HELP Whispering Death I always keep a tab up of this NPC farming guide it is really helpful

    I play in Sever 122 Lord Name 'DaOne' please contact me I will DEFENITLY relp

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    No point of attacking 6-9 barbs other than drops (RARE)
    Please Rep if I have Helped.

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