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Thread: Base Stats of Historical Heroes

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    ivan III the great of russia pol 98 att 56 int 75
    olga prekrasa of kiev pol40 att88 int 65
    oliver cromwell pol94 att 80 int 60
    aretes III king of nabata pol 53 att 97 int 90
    charlemagne pol 94 att 78 int 65
    brunhilde pol 45 att 87 int 65
    alvar nunez cabeza de vaca pol 32 att 83 int 55
    this is on na5

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    Vlad Dracula
    pol 60 atk 94 intel 81 leadership 155 (125 at lvl 0)
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    Thanks Guys for updating...i should have some time tonight to update the master list and add a few more guessing HH's numbers are around 500 total.

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    ok so updated hero list:

    robin hood
    pol 57 atk 97 intel 69 leadership 154 (124 at 0)

    mehmed II
    pol 51 atk 96 intel 81 leadership 155 (125 at 0)

    henry IV
    pol 40 atk 99 intel 95 leadership 168 (138 at 0)

    Charles de lorraine, 4th duke of guise
    pol 79 atk 34 intel 55 leadership 96 (66 at 0)

    and vlad dracula was posted already

    all on NA13
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    playing Evony Age II server all1...ign Belthazaar...stats are after applying holywater, and for leadership i did -29 from found leadership.. ** means i stumble on them

    so far i have gotten these heroes (will update when i get more):

    Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus (aka Octavius or Julius Caesar's nephew)
    base stats: Pol 75, Att 91, Int 75, Lead 126

    Frederick Barbarossa (not Frederick I Barbarossa) **
    base stats: Pol 89, Att 56, Int 60, Lead 92


    John Calvin (French Theologian) **
    base stats: Pol 98, Att 45, Int 75, Lead 91


    Pepin the Short (Father of Charlemagne) **
    base stats: Pol 81, Att 30, Int 54, Lead 62


    Flavius Belisarius (Byzantine General)
    base stats: Pol 65, Att 97, Int 76, Lead 31

    Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Roman politician and philosopher - allrounder) **
    base stats: Pol 94, Att 70, Int 68, Lead 31


    Ok dont laugh at me at this one, i thought he is gona be an attack hero n try to cap him lol
    Alexander the Great (who doesnt know him)
    base stats: Pol 96, Att 51, Int 78, Lead 96


    Aretes III, King of Nabata (conquered Damascus)
    base stats: Pol 53,Att 97, Int 90, Lead 134 note: worth ur cents n army to get this guy

    Boris Godunov (Tsar of Russia) **
    base stats: Pol 99, Att 43, Int 90 Lead 96


    Charles Martel (Grandfather of Charlemagne)
    base stats: Pol 51, Att 80, Int 47, Lead 91

    Hugh Latimer (English martyr died in revolt) **
    base stats: Pol 32, Att 60, Int 82, Lead 93 note: converted him into attack hero

    Horatio Nelson (One of British famous commander)
    base stats: Pol 65, Att 96, Int 70, Lead 127 note: worth every cents n army


    Tokugawa Ieyasu (Founded the Tokugawa Shogunate)
    base stats: Pol 21, Att 84, Int 60, Lead 96 note: well it took me more than 50 attacks to captured him :S

    Chand Bibi (Woman Indian Muslim warrior and general) **
    base stats: Pol 54, Att 84, Int 66, Lead 103 note: nice stumble on a lvl 4 npc... decent att n leadership

    Lucas Cranach the Elder (Famous court painter) **
    base stats: Pol 60, Att 51, Int 84, Lead 81 note: ok seriously, i wasted 10cents here lol stumble on him in lvl 3 npc


    Nadar Shah Afshar the Great (Shah of Iran known as Napoleon of Persia)
    base stats: Pol 65, Att 98, Int 75, Lead 129 note: well worth my cents n army, not really high Int though

    William Laud (Advisor to Charles I and help spark the English civil war) **
    base stats: Pol 82, At 46, Int 70, Lead 80


    Godfrey of Bouillon (One of the leader of First Crusade)
    base stats: Pol 45, Att 88, Int 70, Lead 113


    Shah Jahan (Built Taj Mahal and conquered vast land for India)
    base stats: Pol 85, Att 70, Int 55, Lead 101 note: converted him into attack hero

    Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg (An accomplished general also known as "The Dragon of Albania". One of my favourite military commander of all time)
    base stats: Pol 65, Att 86, Int 60, Lead 114 note: the stats doesn't do this guy justice


    Afonso de Albuquerque (Portuguese explorer and military expert)
    base stats: Pol 40, Att 82, Int 60, Lead 96

    Aldus Manutius,the Elder (Italian humanist and scholar) **
    base stats: Pol 60, Att 35, Int 83, Lead 66 note: stumble on him near Afonso while hunting Afonso, meh I knew he's gona be bad but still can't turn down an h-hero lol

    Hasdrubal the Fair (Hannibal's Brother-in-law)
    base stats: Pol 21, Att 81, Int 65, Lead 101


    Frederick I Barbarossa (Holy Roman Emperor)
    base stats: Pol 84, Att 32, Int 75, Lead 72

    Eric VI of Denmark (Cause Denmark to be bankrupt) **
    base stats: Pol 81, Att 42, Int 56, Lead 71 note: stumble on him right next to Fred


    Aeschylus (Greek Tragedian - The Father of Tragedy) **
    base stats: Pol 53, Att 66, Int 85, Lead 99 note: have no idea he was in npc lvl 7 near me til i just randomly attacked it lol (converted him into attack hero)

    Burebista King of Dacia (The Dacian King that Caesar never defeated in field battle)
    base stats: Pol 34, Att 89, Int 65, Lead 111


    Granuaile, Grainne Ni Mhaille or Gracie O'Malley (Woman pirate)
    base stats: Pol 70, Att 99, Int 60, Lead 124 note: too bad bout the Int.. :S

    Utu-hengal (King of Sumer) **
    base stats: Pol 85, Att 50, Int 56, Lead 81 note: stumble near Granuaile, converting him into attack as well rofl, so many Pol i got

    Charles de Lorraine, 4th Duke of Guise (Brother to Henry de Lorraine) **
    base stats: Pol 79, Att 34, Int 55, Lead 67 note: fk me lol, he was near Granuaile as well, so i figure i cap him too lol...not worth ur cents

    extra note: completed 30 h-hero achievement. Yay!! (Date 12 June 2010, time 9:39 pm GMT)

    Gustavus I (Founder of the Vasa Dynasty and Kingdom of Sweden) **
    base stats: Pol 84, Att 43, Int 60, Lead 80 note: converted into attack hero, found him near Granuaile as well

    unbelievable, yet another h-hero near where i hunt Granuaile
    Claude de Lorraine, Duke of Guise (Prominent member of the Guise Family) **
    base stats: Pol 25, Att 81, Int 65, Lead 101 note: another one near Granuaile..woot woot..


    Galileo Galilei (Scientist)
    base stats: Pol 46, Att 89, Int 96, Lead 122 note: matched TheHaNgedMaN post, im gona turn him into attack hero

    Herodotus (Greek Historian) **
    base stats: Pol 70, Att 70, Int 97, Lead 106 note: awesome catch really near Galileo, converting him into attack hero


    Simeon I (King of Bulgaria)
    base stats: Pol 35, Att 87, Int 75, Lead 116 note: cap him after seeing Ospawn0's post

    Hernan Cortes (Spanish conquistador that singlehandedly destroy the Aztecs)
    base stats: Pol 91, Att 65, Int 70, Lead 101 note: if your searching for him type in 'Cort', i converted him into attack

    Henry II de Bourbon (Father of Louis II de Bourbon) **
    base stats: Pol 83, Att 32, Int 65, Lead 61

    Askia Muhammad I (General and ruler of Songhay Empire)
    base stats: Pol 81, Att 23, Int 61, Lead 52 note: worst hero i ever caught lol

    Simon de Montfort (Baronial opposition to King Henry III)
    base stats: Pol 70, Att 95, Int 64, Lead 31


    Avicenna (Father of modern medicine) **
    base stats: Pol 72, Att 68, Int 93, Lead 106 note: stumble near Montfort, converted into a decent attacking h-hero with excellent Int

    extra note: Yay 40 h-heroes...10 more then i'm done with h-hero hunting...

    Lacydes of Cyrene (Head of the Platonic Academy) **
    base stats: Pol 60, Att 40, Int 79, Lead 74 note: stumble near Montfort, converting him into attack

    Charlemagne (Grandson of Charles Martel and Holy Roman Emperor)
    base stats: Pol 94, Att 78, Int 65, Lead 102 note: converted into attack

    Mahmud of Ghazna (Leader of Afghanistan Ghaznavid Dynasty)
    base stats: Pol 50, Att 88, Int 56, Lead 111

    St. Edward the Confessor (Danish heir to King Canute) **
    base stats: Pol 81, Att 56, Int 60, Lead 89 note: stumble near Mahmud, converted into attack

    Nicolaus Copernicus (Astronomer)
    base stats: Pol 80, Att 56, Int 94, Lead 92 note: there are 2 copernicus btw, converted into attack


    Amin al-Din Rashid (Persian physician)
    base stats: Pol 50, Att 42, Int 81, Lead 90 note: doesn't match the post by Shadow_Tricked in page 9... was capping this guy because of that post by not amused at all with this...

    Al-Shahrazuri (Kurdish physician and historian) **
    base stats: Pol 55, Att 56, Int 87, Lead 99 note: stumble near Amin al-Din...converted into attack hero

    Alexius I Comnenus (Byzantine Emperor) **
    base stats: Pol 89, Att 42, Int 69, Lead 87 note: stumble near Amin al-Din...most likely gona convert him into attack

    Francis of Assisi (Patron Saint of animals) **
    base stats: Pol 92, Att 56, Int 81, Lead 31 note: found him near Amin al-Din... converting him into attack as well

    note: oh yeah~~~ 1 more h-hero til 50...lets see who's gona be the lucky 50th lol

    final update: Lucky no. 50 lol

    Manuela Beltran (Colombian rebel leader)
    base stats: Pol 50, Att 85, Int 75, Lead 113 note: match the post on page 11 and yay me lol
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    Burchard von Schwanden
    Pol 23, Att 83, Int 70, Lead 99

    Jeanne d'Evreux
    Pol 68 Att 41 Int 92 Lead 61


    Pol 95 Att 75 Int 63 Lead 103

    (base leadership)
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    John Paul Jones base stats:
    Pol: 20, Atk: 83, Int: 58, Leadership: 100

    server: na14

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    the leadership i have written on my heroes, is the leadership at level 1.

    Could we make a list of the best heroes for each category ?

    For attack. it seems like
    1. Henry IV
    2. Saladin
    3. hmm, several that are almost equal stats here, including ar?tes III, king of nabata. Pachacuti. Ghengis khan ? and several others, would have to sit down for abit to sort this one out closer

    Politics, i dont have full overview, but best ive seen so far is boris godunov with 99 base. Kind of easy to define politics, as base stat is only thing that matters

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    correction; henry iv has 89 att
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    Gaster...Henry IV....has 89? what server are you on...can others with Henry IV reply with there servers...if this is true we may not have standard hero stats across servers...This needs to be fully researched...your help will be appreciated ...being that there are atleast 12 HH's that are Henry it could be an easy mistake...screen shots?


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