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Thread: Khans

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    Khans is sadly taking a very great loss this week. LokiHelson, a great friend and excellent player, is turning in his standard issue Khans-brand straight jacket and leaving Evony. Loki you were one of the greats in this game and it was my honor to be able to play with you, you will be sorely missed.

    Loki has a Goodbye message for the forum which he asked me to post (as he is naughty and was banned *giggle*)

    [10/19/10 9:22:49 PM] Loki Helson: Evony Sucks....Khans rock....nuff said....bye

    Love you Loki!!!!! If you ever draft me again i will destroy you with my zillions of transports!!!!!!!

    Thanks Raven for my awesome sig!!!

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    "You are starting a fantastic new chapter in your life and will be sorely missed by all the friends you made here at evony. You were absolutely ruthless on the battle field and it's very sad to see a talented player like yourself leave the game".

    Loki would have to be one of the best players here on NA1 and i'm quite sure our enemies would agree.... and then on the reverse side you were kind and helpful, always going out of your way to help others that needed it.

    I would also like to thank you for helping run the backbone of the khans alliance and for making it become the alliance it has today. Thanks for always being there to let me bounce ideas back and forward and for making important decisions for the alliance at times of need.

    We need more players in evony like Loki as they are a dying breed.

    All the best in your trip overseas with your wife and you are making the world a better place one brick at a time.

    Khans & NA1 will miss you.


    It is not sufficient that I succeed - all others must fail.

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    retired from forums?

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    ): As much as loki didnt like me he was still a fanstasic player and was always fun to be around.

    Its sad when all the great players leave one by one. But i guess every beginning has an end and some are more saddening then others ):
    [Ninno20 aka Olympia aka Rhys]
    and i will remember your name and face
    on the day you are judged by the funhouse cast
    and i will rejoice in your fall from grace
    with a cane through the sky like "none shall pass"

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    All the angels sing........... Cuz your gonna die!


    Loki is/will-be a Legend on NA1 I will miss seeing his name flash across the top of the screen. A definite Image of what an Evony player should be. I have heard with Loki leaving Khans that they will be losing their lucrative Coke-a-Cola Sponsorship, thus leaving Cyra with no chasers for those late night caps of rum and rum and rum and wait .. she didnt really need the chasers

    P.S. Nail your not supposed to be on the forums remember

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    Messire Helson

    The news that you will be passing on those superhot green tights was a sore blow.

    You have earned my respect as a relentless, skillful player with impeccable integrity - it was an honor to do battle with you.

    I offer my very best wishes for your future.

    LUV YA, you big beast!


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    Good luck IRL mate, hope you find what you're looking for where you going.

    It's allways a big loss for the server when a great player goes, even of the opposing side.

    Take care,


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    How is the war going against BashBros?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DKX View Post
    How is the war going against BashBros?
    'War' on Evony implies attack & defend. Kicking a piece of jelly only gets your feet wet.

    Can Bash let me know when they will fight back - not close gates and roll over like dead rabbits? I'd be happy to oblige. As things stand, it makes me feel a lil dirty to pay them any attention.
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