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Thread: How do U get item needed for Workshop ?

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    Default How do U get item needed for Workshop ?

    How do I obtain WOOD and IRON ORE ?

    What is star lvl and why is it decreased with upgrade in Workshop ?

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    You can buy items or get them in the wheel.

    The stars you dont want to do until you get the items to level 10. They increase the level by a partial of a whole level

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    You can get those items from the wheel, battles, or buy them.

    Star level is additional effects for each hero gear, and I imagine it goes down because it is so easy to increase.

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    Don't do the stars until you have finished all your armor upgrades to lv10.

    You should get all the items you need to upgrade thru lv2 from completing quests. After that you have to either buy them, win them on the wheel, or get them from raiding valley's and npc's.

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    I agree that using stars early on has its downfalls...but if you look at what it takes to get to lvl 10 gear...99% of players wont get there under the current system...there needs to be thought put into when you will use the gems for stars...

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    Its good iron ore wood is on the wheel now

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