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Thread: Allow banned accounts another chance for $$$$

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    Someone got their account banned? They spent tons of time and money on it? They were/are very sad about it? Well, give them an opportunity to get it all back minus some resources and whatever modifications youd like. For a substantial amount of money allow them the account back. I see more money in Evony's pocket if this was done. :P

    Then, if they continue to cheat yet again, reban them!!! lolz
    Worst. Idea. Ever.

    banned is banned, you can'' unban them for money as that is effectively the banned player bribing evony to unban them

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    In-game you have three chances before a perma-ban. 3 days suspended, 7 days suspended, then a ban. They get more than enough of a chance to correct this issue, and people who have been suspended in error are get their "chances" corrected appropriately.

    I can't see Evony every going with this idea to be honest. That's why the suspensions are in place, they give fair warning.

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    This has gotta be one of the worst ideas on forum, anyways. As many people have said, Banned is Banned. If they did let them come back by taking all their res and stuff, they will just cheat the stuff they lost back. Once a cheater will always be a cheater

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    My account is just gone under suspension.
    But I dont think buy banned account should be allowed.This will allow more user to cheat.

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    If you cheat even once, it should be a permanent ban on all servers with no chance to ever come back.

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    Nope. Never happening.
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