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Thread: justice medals

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    Default justice medals

    where do i find these without buying them?

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    Try attacking level 10 swamps and deserts. Works for me.

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    It depends on which server you are on?

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    I got a ton on server 141. Should be the same for 142 and 143, dunno about the other servers.

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    hi heres a farming guide for higher lvl servers it seams to be working for me so far

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    my bad on server . this is for age II na5. thanks!!

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    Level 10 NPCs seem to drop them on NA servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fwiw View Post
    level 10 npcs seem to drop them on na servers.
    thank you!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilbur07 View Post
    Try attacking level 10 swamps and deserts. Works for me.
    really? you playing age 1 or 2?

    could you please show us the army report URL?

    I only play in age 2. I tried everything (empty/full FHall, high INT hero, casualty over 10%, etc.) but over 500 winning battles I didn't get a single drop of Justice medal from level 10 swamps and deserts.

    I finally promoted to Duke, but I only got my Justice medals from lv 10 NPCs.

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    I get more nation medals than Justice from the lvl10 cities. I figured that meant there was some easier place that drops justice. But the level 7,8,9 cities don't seem to - they seem to drop the same medals I get from level5 cities.

    I'm on age2 NA4


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